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BOOKISH NEWS Hi, and welcome to our news feature, in which we highlight and discuss some of the news that has been big in the bookish world this week Gender and Books Although some of us would like it not to be so, it seems an unavoidable fact that gender is tied in with what people are expected to read. Now one of those bookish studies that we all love suggests that gender is also linked with how much we read, with men often preferring to watch adaptations of books rather…


NEW SERIES ALERT From the wrong side of the tracks… Alyson Blake had learned early on that the only one she could depend on was herself. The only light in her life was a boy whom everyone agreed was destined for prison; but with his first kiss, he had set her soul on fire. Since the day the police dragged him away in handcuffs, she had managed to lead a quiet life, but when she attends an event fraught with mayhem, trouble resurfaces.  The one person she can’t forget… Jamison…


After reading and completely adoring Lick by Kylie Scott last year, I have been on the hunt for another seriously good rock star romance. Love’s Rhythm came up on offer on Kindle, the first in a rock star series so I thought I would give it a whirl. The story in itself is quite simple and follows a familiar romance trope, Nick and Lauren were each other’s first love, the life and fame get in the way, fast forward fifteen years and they meet again. Simple, cute, but still good….


Carolyn’s Top 10 Horror Books

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I love horror. I love reading it, watching it – basically scaring myself silly. You will notice many of the books I’ve listed are zombie novels. I just can’t get enough of the smelly, shuffling, decomposing flesh-eaters, they are my very favourite monster. My list will probably change as I read more horror books, but for now, here are my top ten horrors, in no particular order… Dracula – Bram Stoker The ‘daddy’ of all vampire fiction and for me it truly is the best. I adore this book and…


**Warning: contains spoilers** Lorrie has finally returned to school after taking three semesters off. Her mother was murdered by her stepfather and her dad spiraled into alcohol and depression until he committed suicide. The only people Lorrie has left in the world are her aunt and her friend, Daniela. Her first day back, she falls into the lake and is rescued by Hunter, the hottest playboy on campus. Lorrie is one totally messed up heroine and honestly, who could blame her? Both her parents have died tragically in the past…

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Hi Guys! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Here’s the low down on what happened at BCC this week… FEATURES & REVIEWS A Love Like Blood by Marcus Sedgewick (Horror/Thriller) 4 Stars Saved By the Rancher by Jennifer Ryan (Western Romance) 3.5 Stars New Series Alert: Hexed by Michelle Krys / The Custard Protocol by Gail Carriger Bookish News: RIP Sue Townsend, Bookish Sprint: Not a Marathon & Bookish Deals! CAROLYN’S ROUNDUP Hello everyone. Hope you’re all having a fabby weekend. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately but I’ve…


BOOKISH NEWS RIP Sue Townsend The author who created the famous (infamous?) Adrian Mole, has died aged 68. Sue Townsend passed away on Thursday after a stroke. As soon as the news broke, tributes for the bestselling author rolled in from such people as Sarah Millican, Caitlin Moran and Steven Mangan – who played Mole in the TV adaptation. Townsend was born into a working class family and did not have the most auspicious of starts and although her books later made her rich and famous, she never forgot those early…




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