[color-box]Angels in the Snow by Sarah Morgan
Mills & Boon (Oct 2010), Paperback: 376 pages, Contemporary Romance
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angels in the snow

Angels in the Snow is a sweet, fluffy Christmassy romance with lots of snow and roaring fires. It’s really two stories in one about twin brothers. The first story is about Daniel and Stella, which is the best of the two in my opinion, and Patrick and Hayley.

Although I enjoyed both these stories they were a little too sweet in places, a touch on the corny side and a bit predictable. But it’s a quick, easy read that had me curled up on the sofa, snuggled under a warm blanket with snow falling outside my window. It really did enhance my festive mood.

Daniel and Stella are actually a great couple. Two years ago they were engaged to be married but Daniel called it off just a few hours after proposing and two years later Stella returns to her small town in Cumbria. Unfortunately it’s Daniel’s small town too and she knows she’s going to have to meet him again some time, especially as they work in the same hospital. This is where it gets a little predictable. Of course Daniel has to be the gorgeous manly Doctor while Stella is the subservient nurse. It would have been more refreshing if it was the other way around.

When I got to the end of their story it did end a little abruptly. I didn’t realise this was actually two separate stories, I thought it was one novel with the two stories entwining. But this isn’t the case. When Daniel and Stella’s story ended half way through the book it came as a surprise and I felt a little short changed. I didn’t meet them again except for one sentence at the end of story two with Patrick and Hayley.

Patrick and Hayley first meet when he flys to Chicago for a job interview. They only have a few days together but it is very memorable for both of them. However, Hayley creeps out of the hotel without saying goodbye and Patrick flys home again thinking it was just a fleeting romance.

Here it gets a bit silly for me. Hayley leaves her job, flys back to the UK to seek Patrick out and while she’s searching for him decides to take a housekeeping job, which, surprise, surprise turns out to be Patrick and his family! Hmm.

I couldn’t really gel with Patrick and Hayley. They just didn’t have the same chemistry as Daniel and Stella and I found Hayley to be particularly annoying. There is lots of jumping to the wrong conclusions, numerous mindless antics, but for me Patrick’s son, Alfie stole the show. He is so funny. Maybe a little too mature for a ten year old but still very fun to read.

The author is very good at giving her stories atmosphere though. I would have liked a bit more detail about the town in Cumbria but what descriptive details there were are written well and definitely gave me that Christmas feeling.


Angels in the Snow is a light Christmassy read that you don’t have to think too much about. It’s fun and very festive – a lovely gentle read for this time of year.


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Sharyla December 24, 2010 at 9:19 am

While this is not normally a book I would read, this is a great review. I look forward to the guest post from the author.

Happy Holiday!


Lisa@ButteryBooks December 24, 2010 at 12:13 pm

Sounds like a good book to read by the fire with Christmas carols in the background.


Laura Summers December 24, 2010 at 4:29 pm

Sometimes I'm happy to go a little corny at Christmas :-)

Nice review!


Book Chick City December 24, 2010 at 7:09 pm

Sharyla – I don't usually read these kind of books either, but it seems fitting during the festive season. Happy Christmas to you too :)

Lisa – It's a fun book, especially at this time of year :)

Laura – Sometimes I'm happy with a touch of corny too, especially at Christmas :)


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