COMANCHE MAGIC (Comanche #4)
by Catherine Anderson

RELEASE DATE: March 2011
FORMAT: Paperback, 432 Pages
GENRE: Historical Romance

Handsome, strong, and just a little bit dangerous, hald-Comanche Chase Wolf is used to getting what he wants. So when he sees Franny-a golden- haired angel with deep green eyes, delicate features, and the sweetest smile-he sets out to make her his. But Franny is far from the innocent she seems. And the truth may be more than Chase can bear… (Goodreads)


This is a pretty unusual romance, in that the heroine is a prostitute. As with all of Catherine Anderson’s books she deals with the subject matter with empathy and warmth making it an enjoyable read, if hard going at times. Franny is a victim of circumstance, she does not enjoy being a prostitute or do so by choice, if any woman does. But has to not only deal with the hours that her job often entails but being continuously ostracised by the rest of society.

Catherine Anderson has written a foreword to this book, and her aim in writing this story was to highlight the plight of women before the women’s liberation, including a touching story about her great-grandmother. She talks about the women who became widows with a family to raise, and how there were very little employment choices. Many had the choice between prostitution or watching their children starve to death. I think most of us know what we would chose. And this is the premise of this novel. The eldest daughter of a large family with a blind mother, Franny does the only thing she can think of to save them all from starvation and enters into the world of prostitution at the painful age of thirteen.

The subject matter does not always make this book comfortable reading, particularly when Franny reminisces about that dreadful first time at thirteen. But she is a charming, warm and interesting character. Despite her profession, Anderson still manages to portray her convincingly as innocent, which is quite a feat in itself. This is a woman who has never known love, tenderness or even kindness from a man.

Chase Wolf is quite a contrast to Franny, you don’t have to have followed the series to read this book, but we met his parents Hunter and Loretta in Comanche Moon, he is their half Indian son. Tough and confident his attitude towards Franny is pretty awful at the beginning of the novel. He believes her to be after nothing but money and not a befitting friend to his sister. One of the charming things about this story is how this opinion turns around until he would do anything in his power to save Franny.

At the centre of this story is the theme that love conquers all, but also of redemption. Of Franny’s redemption from her awful past, but also for me of Chase redeeming himself from his awful behaviour towards Franny in the beginning.

Anderson has written a beautiful and touching love story. When I read the premise that Franny was a prostitute I had a picture in my mind of what that character would be like, but Anderson has gone out of her way to break away from that archetypal stereotype creating a unique character in Franny. But also at same time she highlights the plight of women during at time when for most a good job was non existent no matter how desperately you might have needed one. It makes me glad to be born in the year that I was.


This is a love story that will take you by surprise, sweep you off your feet and make you believe in second chances. It is so easy to look down upon a women who sells her body for money and this really made me think about what choices would take a woman to that place. Remarkably thought-provoking for a historical romance and fabulously heart-melting too.


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Felicia the Geeky Blogger August 25, 2011 at 2:18 pm

I love Catherine Anderson! Seriously the Comanche series is one of my all time favs–I am so glad they are getting re-release on Kindle. It took forever to track them down in print form :)


DANI HARPER August 25, 2011 at 3:45 pm

Thank you so much for the thoughtful and thought-provoking review. I've never read anything by this author, but this book came into my hands recently. It's not my usual fare, but now after reading your blog, I'll give it try!


Laura Summers (BCC) August 26, 2011 at 10:04 pm

@Felicia I adore Catherine Anderson books, she's got such a fantastic writing style. But I think I love her contemporaries more than her historicals

@Dani thank you for your comments on your review. If you do read this book I'd be really interested to know what you think, so please share your review – you can often find me on twitter @laurasummers :)


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