Winter Wishes (Anthology)
by Vivi Andrews, Vivian Arend, Moira Rogers
Carina Press (Nov 2010)
Ebook, 283 pages

Paranormal Romance

Guest Reviewer: Christina Durner

Tangled Tinsel is the tale of Kyle Branegan, a cat shifter who is trying to hide is involvement in the Cougar Corp, and Eloise Scott, a cat shifter who happens to be an undercover cop for the human police force. When Kyle thinks his tryst with Eloise will be a brief and steamy romp that will be over and done with as quickly as it happens, he ends up getting the shock of his life. This little sex kitten is no kitten at all; she is a police officer who has been instructed to keep watch over him in an effort to keep him out of danger. Being held captive is a royal pain, but being handcuffed to the bed of a woman who exudes sexuality and spunk isn’t too terrible in Kyle’s book.

But when Eloise plans to take Kyle to her quiet hometown to watch over him until the New Year, things are anything but quiet. With her parent’s new found richness and an ex-boyfriend sniffing around, Eloise has more than she can handle without having to put up with the sexy stranger she is forced to keep track of, and things become even more tangled when Kyle and Eloise announce their fake engagement.

In No Angel Sasha is forced to endure the Christmas from Hell, literally. When her boyfriend Jay is sucked into the vortex of Hell, an angel informs Sasha that she has been chosen to be a Champion of Virtue who must battle for Jay’s immortal soul. But Sasha is not exactly on the nice list this year. Struggling with the reasons why she was chosen to fight for the side of good, she must find a way to bring Jay back from the depths of Hell. But what she doesn’t realize is that Jay has returned back to hell because his expired visa, a visa that allowed him to roam the mortal plane, a visa that expired three months ago. Now he must answer to his stepfather, Lucifer.

Freeze Line begins when a twenty-first century ice age occurs, leaving lone wolf Shane Sullivan above the freeze line. But he enjoys being a lone wolf simply because he has no desire to join the packs closer to the border for fear that their feral instincts will turn him from man to monster. He’s a man with a plan until the time of the Winter Solstice when he stumbles upon a dying witch named Nadia, who has escaped the captivity of northern lab and needs his help returning to her people and her magic in the south. But as the pair travels further south, Shane is having more and more trouble controlling the beast within and Nadia isn’t sure that she wants him to.

Winter Wishes is an anthology of holiday themed romance novellas including Tangled Tinsed by Vivian Anders, No Angel by Vivi Andrews, and Freeze Line by Moira Rogers who deliver three tales of romantic encounters that take place during the holiday season.

This anthology is anything but your typical collection of Christmas tales. Each story adds a little sugar, a little spice, some things naughty, and some things nice. Each novella was incredibly well written and has the ability to not only capture the reader’s attention with the first sentence, but to hold on tight throughout each story. ‘Tangled Tinsel’, ‘No Angel’, and ‘Freeze Line’ all captivate readers by the blending of holiday cheer, eroticism, love, and the slightest bit of humor.


Winter Wishes is well worth the time investment. Each author brings something different and exciting to this collection. Should a future anthology including the works of any or all of these authors be put on the market, I would definitely pick up my copy as soon as possible.


Vivi Andrews | Vivian Arend | Moira Rogers


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