WEEKLY ROUNDUP – 14th Oct 2012

Hi Guys! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Here’s the low down on what happened at BCC this week…


  • This week’s Debut Author Spotlight is on Mark Henwick, author of Sleight of Hand. You can also enter to win a copy of his debut novel (ends 20/10/12)


  • Phillipa Bornikova, author of the new urban fantasy, This Case is Gonna Kill Me, stops by for an interview. There’s also a chance for you to win one of five copies of her debut novel (ends 31/10/12)
  • Author of Revelation, Erica Hayes, asks the question:  “Who doesn’t love a fate worse than death?” – she’s also giving away a copy of Revelation (ends 31/10/12)
  • Laura Powell, author of young adult paranormal, Burn Mark, talks about her book and halloween, “Halloween and Bonfire Night, Burn Mark style“. You can also enter to win one of ten copies of her book (ends 31/10/12)
  • Horror author, David Moody talks about a zombie apocalypse and asks “It’s Z-Day. What Are YOU going to do?” – he’s also giving away three sets of his Autumn series (ends 31/10/12)
  • Amanda Arista stops by with a guest post: “Haunted Houses: A cautionary tale” – there’s a chance to win her new release, Diaries of an Urban Panther (ends 31/10/12)
  • It’s “Halloween at Fairwick College” with author, Carol Goodman. You can also win one of twenty copies of her newest release, Water Witch (ends 31/10/12)



This week I read a short story by Megan HartTHE RESURRECTED (Part One). It’s a erotic horror short story serial set in a zombie infested world. I didn’t think these two genres would mesh well, but they really did. I was already smitten with Hart when I read her short story Nothing Else Matters in the Hot & Haunted anthology – she’s becoming one of my favourites. I also received DISINTEGRATION by David Moody!! I started this straight away with hopes it will get me out of my many weeks long reading slump. I also got an ARC of the upcoming eNovella, THE WEIRD GIRLS by Cecy Robson. This looks like a fun read and I will be reading this next.

I bought quite a few books this week, (most were Megan Hart’s back catalogue to feed my new author crush). I bought a paperback of BOYFRIEND FROM HELL by Jamie Quaid, and ebooks: REAWAKENED PASSIONS, THE CHALLENGE (12 Shades of Surrender), OUT OF THE DARK, UNWRAPPED, DEEPER, SWITCH and TEMPTED all by Megan Hart.


I was quite happy to leave the horror genre behind this week, finishing 33A.D. by David McAfee. Afterwards, I wanted to pick up a favourite series, I opted for the latest Kate Daniels instalment with MAGIC SLAYS by Ilona Andrews. I loved it so much I devoured it within 4 days. For me that’s good going! It’s going to be a rare 4.5 star review from me, maybe 5 I keep changing my mind … so watch this space 😉

After MAGIC SLAYS, I have moved on to something decidedly lighter, I have picked up the new historical romance LUCKY PENNY by Catherine Anderson. I’m sure you’ve heard me go on about her books before, and if you haven’t, well, I love them! Also it’s a Western too and I do have a bit of a soft spot for hunky cowboys!

In other news, it’s less than a week until my little boy’s first birthday, I really cannot how quickly he’s growing! I still distinctly remember being heavily pregnant this time last year. My husband and I have been busy baking his very first birthday cake 😀


For the regular readers of this feature, a few of you may have been wondering “Where is that slightly strange, but incredibly entertaining young lass, named Gemma?” Worry not, loyal readers for I am back! And contrary to popular belief I have not been kidnapped by a band of pirates to be their pirate queen, nor have I been whisked away by Alcide form the TV show True Blood, to be his new mate. (Though both sound really cool and wouldn’t mind combining both!)

Nope friends! The reason for my radio silence and lack of posting has been due to the fact that I have been on holiday to sunny Orlando Florida! I know that you all will have missed me, but I am back to cause havoc. ***Maniacal Laugh***

Now, while sunning myself and generally just having a fab holiday I did manage to squeeze in a couple of reads during my time away. I had planned to read more, but what with the shopping, the theme parks and the bars I just didn’t read as much as I would have liked. What I did manage to read while away was the cracking debut novel BLOOD AND FEATHERS by Lou Morgan. This was just a great example of Urban Fantasy and my review will be up soon.

I also managed to read THE ASYLUM INTERVIEWS: BRONX by Joceylnn Drake. This is the first of two short novella prequels to the highly anticipated debut novel in the The Asylum Tales,  ANGEL’S INK, which is due out next month. I really enjoyed it and am now almost finished THE ASYLUM INTERVIEWS: TRIXIE. If the prequel’s are anything to go by, Angel’s Ink looks like it will be a cracking read.

It seems that lately all I have been reading is short novella’s for I also have read THE MYSTERIOUS MADAM MORPHO by Delilah S. Dawson. This is set between the fantastic Wicked as they Come and the forthcoming sequal WICKED AS SHE WANTS, in Dawson’s Blud series, which I just adore. It’s a great little novella and I urge everyone who has read Wicked as the Come to pick this up. Again, the review will be up soon.

After finishing The Asylum Interviews: Trixie, I am going to read book two in The Strain Trilogy, called THE FALL. I loved the first book, The Strainand I can’t wait to read the next one.

Aside from reading, I have only really managed to catch one film and that was Resident Evil: Retribution. You will see my thoughts on that during our 30 SHADES OF ZOMBIE event next month.

‘Till next week, toodles!


This week has been a much better reading week, I’ve read and enjoyed DEVIL’S BARGAIN by Rachel Caine, review to come soon. I picked up ALICE IN ZOMBIELAND by Gena Showalter and couldn’t put it down and oh beep, I managed to squeeze in ENDLESSLY by Kiersten White. A very enjoyable week of reading 😀

So I have made up for my lack of book buying last week, I have bought BEAUTIFUL CREATURES by Kami GarciaFRACTURE by Megan MirandaMASQUE OF THE RED DEATH by Bethany GriffinTHE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin MorgensternASHFALL by Mike Mullin, a freebie Kindle book BRANDED by Keary Taylor and I have a new title from Netgalley ASHEN WINTER by Mike Mullin.

I’m now off to enjoy my 11th wedding aniversary and with so many new books to choose from I’m not certain what I will pick up next week, any suggestions?


This week was more about buying books than reading books.  I did manage to start a few of the books that I will be reviewing in November including HERETIC LAND by Tim Lebbon and finished HEART OF THE DRAGON’S LAIR by Karalynn Lee and THE THIEFTAKER by D.B.Jackson. I bought 666 PARK AVENUE by Gabriella Pierce quite a while ago and had forgotten about it. I was quite mixed about it as I thought the heroine was quite vacuous. I couldn’t understand how someone who had lived in France their entire life could consider themselves American and that was just the start of comments such as ‘OH COME ON…. it’s obvious she is evil’, ‘Are you insane?’, ‘Are you the most naive person on the planet’ etc etc. I think you can get my drift although saying that I did finish it and it was semi, sort of OK in the end.  I just started reading MOON OVER SOHO this morning (Friday) and I barely got past the first paragraph when Ben Aaronovitch had me laughing out loud. This continued throughout my tube journey and I got quite a few stares! I can hardly wait to get back to reading it.

On the new books front I got the following books BLOOD REUNION by Connie SuttleQUEEN OF THE WORLD by Ben HennessyDARKNESS FALLS by Jessica SorensenBRANDED by Keary Taylor and DEAD HARVEST by Chris Holm.  I don’t think my TBR collection on my Kindle has ever been so packed of books I ‘must read next’. Hopefully, I will win the lottery this weekend and spend my days reading instead of working. Fingers crossed!


Carolyn created Book Chick City in July 2009 due to her love of books. A Brit chick obsessed with zombies, kick-arse chicks and sexy heroes. She's also seriously addicted to chocolate, shopping, and coffee. Her favourite genres are Urban Fantasy, Romance and Zombie Lit... Brrraaaaiiinnnnsss!


Melanie October 14, 2012 at 8:55 pm

check us out this week ladies. That is some lot of books we either read or bought!


Gemma October 14, 2012 at 11:35 pm

I know. we have been busy bees


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