REVIEW: Rapture by J.R. Ward

Rapture by J.R.Ward
(The Fallen Angels #4)
Piatkus Books (Sept 2012)
Paperback, 502 pages

Paranormal Romance

Warning: contains spoilers

I have really enjoyed J.R. Wards The Fallen Angel series so far, and whilst it doesn’t rate as highly on my must read shelves as the Brothers, lovers of J.R.Ward really should pick them up. Rapture brings us a little further along Jim Herons quest to save souls in the fight between good and evil.

We find ourselves back in Caldwell, with a naked Matthias curled up on Jim Herons Grave. As those of you that follow the series know, we have known Matthias (more commonly known by Jim as Matthias “the Fucker”) since the very beginning of the series, where we were introduced to him as Jim’s earthly boss at XOps. Since then Matthias has died, made the wrong decision as a chosen soul and been incarcerated in Hell with the not so lovely Devina. But due to Devinas cheating in a previous round, the Man upstairs has decided to punish her with a do-over, and so releases Matthias back to the mortal realm.

As his brain starts to try and figure out the whys and wherefores, Matthias starts making his way out of the cemetery, only to be hit by a car whilst crossing the road.

Enter Melissa (Mels) Carmichael, reporter for the Caldwell Courier Journal, and her now written off, beloved car Fifi. Mels is the daughter of an old school Police Officer who passed a few years ago. Her father has a big impact on how she deals with what life throws at her, and as such she is a confident and ballsy young woman, who thinks nothing of telling Matthias exactly how it’s going to be!

She paused with a Frenchfry halfway to her mouth “No offence. But considering your physical condition, I could break both your legs and have you unconscious in a New York Minute.” As his eyebrows shot sky-high, she nodded. “I am a black belt, licensed to carry a concealed hand gun, and I never go anywhere without a good knife or my heat.

After being flattened, Matthias wakes to find himself once again confused and disorientated, and now he has no memory to add to his problems! He can only remember his name,  but his XOps training is ground in so deep that he starts to run on instinct alone, and has a distinct NEED to get out of the hospital and away from the stunningly beautiful yet disturbing nurse who has helped revive his manhood from its usual inactive state. Mels has been in for a visit and left her business card, and being the only link he has to anyone living, this is where Matthias heads off to, to try and find the missing pieces in his memory.

Together they try and solve the mystery that is Matthias, which leads them to the hero of the series, Jim Heron, who is dumbfounded to see his back from the dead ex-boss getting out of a taxi on his driveway. But then who is Jim to judge about being back from the dead? As an angel, fighting to save the world from damnation, Jim is awaiting his next lost soul, in order to help make them the “right choice”, and thus proving to the Man Upstairs that human beings really are worth saving.

As his memory slowly comes back, and Matthias learns more and more about the man he was, he tries to reconcile this with the man he is becoming as he starts afresh,  slowly falling in love with the sassy and strong willed Mels.

We continue to get snippets from the other characters within the series, although not so much with the Archangels this time around. They seem to be pretty quiet at the moment, with only the odd visit from Nigel every now and again, which was a bit sad as I rather like visiting up there, especially when it gets explosive between the boys! Adrian (Ad) is still suffering from the loss of his buddy, and whilst Jim misses Eddie too, you can really see how much it is tearing Ad up being apart from him. That being said, I find it a little unnerving that they are carting Eddies body about still! I am always hoping for a resurrection but if he gets up and walks out of the hole in the wall they have stuck him in I think I would freak! Jim is still being hounded by Sissys memory, and makes some rather dubious choices because of this, especially at the end of the story,  which are going to have some interesting repercussions in the next instalment of the series.

The chemistry between Matthias and Mels is lovely, despite them having plenty to deal with along the way. It’s great how they compliment each other and neither is there just to prop up the other, they are both equally as important within the storyline and I find it a touch of writing brilliance that Ms Ward has managed to turn Matthias the Fucker into someone we can find any sort of sympathy for.

Ooo one little extra bit…. we find out what the deal with Dog is!!! All I can say is….well there ya go!!


Rapture is another interesting instalment in The Fallen Angel series. There are now not just the black and the white sides, as we are starting to see more grey coming into the mix. That being said, we don’t find out that much more. By this I mean that normally in a series, the storyline reveals more secrets the further along you go, but in Rapture, we don’t seem to move too much further along with regards to the big picture. So as much as I enjoyed the book, due to its somewhat slower pace, and lack of plot development, I give it a 3.5.


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Gemma November 29, 2012 at 8:49 am

I’m glad I read your review. I have this on my TBR and after vowing not to buy the book, I crumbled.

I do want to see what happens with Matthis and it sounds like his story is going to be interesting.

I too like the angels upstairs so am sad to learn they aren’t a part of this one.

Maybe its just me, but although I miss Eddie, i kind of hope he stays dead. It was such a big change motivator for both Jim and Aiden to undo it would take something away.

Great Review Mel


Vickie November 29, 2012 at 8:39 pm

Mel….Mel???? I am not that stunning lol

LOL, glad you crumbled. I have enjoyed the book, but dont expect too much in the way of overall plot development. It was just nice be back with Jim, Dog, and Ad, but i have to say, i really do miss Eddie. I am a sucker for a resurrection I am afraid, and especially as we are dealing with Angels, the boss has to figure out something and bring Eddie back… PLEASE!!!!


Gemma November 30, 2012 at 8:43 am

Sorry Vicki… *Looks down sheepish.* My brain was on a bit of a kick start. Am I forgiven.



vickie December 1, 2012 at 5:17 pm

ah… ok then… let you off this time LOL


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