A Winter Flame by Milly Johnson
Simon & Schuster (Oct 2012) | Paperback, 404 pages

Contemporary Romance | Chick Lit

When I picked up A Winter Flame, I was hoping for a really warm, romantic Christmas read, especially after all the rave reviews I’d read when deciding whether to buy or not. Unfortunately  A Winter Flame wasn’t my cup of tea at all. Both leading characters were very irritating; Eve because she acted like a 12 year old towards Jacques instead of a grown women, and Jacques because he acted like a pompous arse.

Although Eve didn’t like Jacques because she was worried he was a con man, who took advantage of her sweet great aunt, there are ways to portray this other than the childish behaviour Eve displayed at every opportunity. Stomping around grumpily, silly snide remarks that made me roll my eyes. She didn’t even know Jacques but decided who he was before she even got to know him. Not the greatest of traits for any person, let alone the heroine of the story, who I’m meant to like and connect with. This attitude was in contrast with Eve’s past, which was sad, and should have made her more appealing to me, but because of her silly attitude, I didn’t really feel compassionately towards her at all.

Jacques was a bit of a conundrum. I’m sure he was meant to come across as a modern, handsome man, but the way he was written he actually came across as quite old fashioned. In fact he was a bit like the stereotypical father christmas. Always jolly, making jokes, being foolish and humming Christmas songs. His over the top joviality was annoying rather than endearing, and I didn’t find him sexy in the slightest, which was a shame, as that is what I’d prefer to feel about my leading man. In all honesty I can quite understand why Eve disliked him, as I couldn’t stand him either.

The writing is ok but quite basic. There’s no real depth here, everything sort of hovers on the surface and doesn’t go very deep. Having just read a contemporary romance that was excellently written with great emotional depth to the characters and storyline, it was even more obvious when reading A Winter Flame that it lacked that special something. This was definitely verging on silly chick lit I thought I’d left behind a long time ago rather than a quality contemporary romance. So, after 150 pages I decided that if I didn’t care for the characters at this point I probably never would.


Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy A Winter Flame at all. I did read until 150 pages in, hoping it would get better, that I would like the characters and feel something towards them other than irritation, but alas I didn’t. I realise that as I didn’t read the entire book my review can only be about the pages I did read, but my advice would be if you like the typical Chick-Lit then you may enjoy this, but if you’re looking for a quality contemporary romance then I wouldn’t bother.


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Laura December 30, 2012 at 9:24 am

What a shame :-( I agree with you on the whole Santa Claus thing is not sexy at all, one of my books had the heroine being turned on by the fact the lead male was dressed as Santa and I was like what really?


Carolyn December 30, 2012 at 1:22 pm

I’m not too keen on my hero looking like Santa or sounding like Santa. However, if the author wrote it in such a way were he was wearing sexy santa boxers… then maybe ;)


Gemma December 31, 2012 at 10:07 am

Sorry you didn’t like this bok. Thats a shame because sometimes thats ehat you really need this time of year. Hope your next book is better


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