Welcome to our new feature where we talk about random things we’ve seen around the blogosphere. It could be an interesting article, a book trailer, maybe a fun piece of news we feel you should know about, and maybe even a stylish pair of shoes or handbag we’ve seen (if Laura has her way!). Basically it’s a bit of a mashup! Enjoy….

Bram Stoker’s First Gothic Horror Stories Found

As lover’s of horror, vampires and all things that go bump in the night here at BCC, we love ourselves a bit of Dracula. The original written by Stoker back in 1897 was the beginning of a huge writing phenomenon. So I was really excited to read that Stoker’s first ever Gothic Horror stories have been found. A book pulling all of these stores together has been published and released on Christmas Eve, called The Forgotten Writings of Bram Stoker by John Edgar Browning. One for my wishlist I think, anyone else excited by this news?

Source: Lit Reactor

Limited Edition Harry Potter Books

So I might be a little too late for present ideas, but if you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan and have a spare *ahem* $1000. Holy cow yes I did say $1000! Ok, so maybe you got a rather lucky lottery ticket in your stocking then you might want to get your hands on these. The books are rather cool, all eight of the books are designed to look like a Hogwarts’ book including a replica of The Monster Book of Monsters and document the journey of the books from page to screen. While I do think they’re ridiculously expensive, I do think they look completely fab. Maybe in another lifetime…..!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Official Superman Trailers

I am a huge fan of comic book adaptations and I’m loving the recent spate of remakes. I also love Superman, I was addict of the Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain series. Which means I’m super excited about the new movie MAN OF STEEL. I have not one, but two trailers for you to get excited about with me too :-D

Waterstones Launches Reserve & Collect

I wrote a few Monday Mashups ago about Waterstones’ plans to sell Kindles in-store, which is in fact now live in their stores. Well the latest tactic in their fightback against the digital market is to launch a click and collect service. Now you can browse books on their website and collect it from your local store. If you’re a paper book fan and just can’t wait for the postman, or are fed up with huge postage costs, then this might be the answer to your bookworm problems!

Source: Waterstones.com

BBC To Adapt The Casual Vacancy

Let’s face it, it was bound to happen – the transfer of J.K.Rowling’s book from page to screen, and the BBC have confirmed they will be adapting THE CASUAL VACANCY for our TV screens in 2014. I’ve not managed to read it myself yet, but Rebecca read and reviewed it the week of release and loved it (review here), so I shall be looking forward to watching it in a year’s time.

Source: Guardian Books

E L James – ‘Publishing Person of the Year’

Love or hate her books, you cannot deny the phenomenal success of EL James, and the impact her novels have had on the popularity of the erotica genre. The really successful author has now won another string to her bow by winning the title ‘Publishing Person of the Year’ for transforming the erotic genre. Also the article states a really interesting fact that apparently 30% of her readers are male. I really didn’t expect it to be that high! I, as you know loved the books and wish Ms James every success and so cannot wait for the films to be released and reading her next novel.

Source: Guardian Books

Fifty Shades See Ann Summers Sales Rocket

And talking of EL James, earlier this month the sexy lingerie and sex toy chain Ann Summers announced record profits which they attributed to the success of the Fifty Shades trilogy. Jacqueline Gold the boss of the chain commented:

“Not only have we sold out of handcuffs and blindfolds, but it’s opened up a lot of new doors on a business level.”

I bet there are quite a few husbands wanting to send gifts of appreciation to Ms James right now! ;-)

Phone Book Dress

I shall end this month’s Mashup by wishing you all a very happy new year! I hope you all enjoy the festivities tonight and mange to sneak in a glass of bubbles. If you’re still on the hunt for that must-have dress for your night out tonight, perhaps you might be inspired by this dress I came across on Crafty Minx, made from an old phone book. I totally love it and think it’s perfect for bringing out the sexy bookworm in you! ;-)

Source: Crafty Minx




A self-confessed bookworm who's favourite genres are urban fantasy, horror and a good love story with a sexy supernatural beastie. Also has a bit of a handbag fetish… actually, let's not mention the handbags; they seem to be breeding!


Gemma January 1, 2013 at 12:13 pm

The new click and collect is awsome. I’ve used it three times so far. Only downside is I end up buying other stuff cos i’m in the shop.

I’m not too keen on Man of Steel, having not been a fan of the directors previous work. I am much more looking forward to Kick Ass 2, iron man 3 and wolverine 2.

I’m not a fan of harry potter, but even i admit those books look cool!!


Laura January 4, 2013 at 8:44 am

There’s going to be a Wolverine 2!!! *squee*
Those books look super cool, shame they cost a bomb!


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