The Awakening (Project Eve #1) by Mary Abshire
Lyrical Press (Jan 2012) | Ebook, 204 pages

Urban Fantasy

The story centres on the beautiful girl found in a dump surrounded by dead bodies. She has no memories of who or what she is and nothing on her to give her a clue apart for a dagger with the initials SB on it. She has been ‘rescued’ by the enigmatic vampire Boss and the human Jonas who take her under their wing in order to solve mystery of who she is, who stole her memories and why. Despite feeling completely lost and traumatised she quickly finds out from her new friends that she is a half breed vampire and before she has a chance to get over this shocking news she then finds out she is not only a half breed vampire but also half breed demon and angel, as well. Jonas and Boss give her a new name, Stephanie so that they don’t have to call her ‘hey you’ for the duration of the novel or until she finds out her real one. Needless to say the road to discovery is a dangerous one and Stephanie is one popular girl but maybe not for the right reasons. Stephanie and her friends are attacked at several points before she finds out one piece of the puzzle of who she really is and is able to put a stop to these attacks. The story ends with Stephanie finding out her true name and who her mother is but not the rest of her memories. It is evident that the search will continue in future novels in the series.

I was very intrigued when I read the preface of The Awakening and it starts on a strong front when Stephanie is found surrounded by dead bodies. As the reader we aren’t sure whether she is the victim, an accomplice or the murderer which makes for an interesting start to the story. Unfortunately, Abshire fails to keep this initial intrigue going throughout the novel. Stephanie doesn’t seem overly traumatised about her lack of memories as you would expect and immediately gets to grip with her vampiric, demonic and angelic powers quite effortlessly which I thought was quite trite. Added to this she is drop dead gorgeous (no pun intended!) and this combined with her lack of known past it leaves her as a character as quite one dimensional. While it makes sense that Stephanie has no back story because her memories have been stolen there is relatively no back story to some of the other main characters mainly, Boss. I assumed that for some reason Abshire plans to expose Boss’s mysterious past in a future novel and didn’t want to give too much of the story away so early on. If I am wrong with this assumption then she has really missed an opportunity to flesh out Boss and explain why he ended up with such an unimaginative name!

Overall, I felt The Awakening was lacking in real mystery and the characters were too perfect. Abshire even managed to explain away how Boss almost kills Stephanie by feeding from her during a particularly steamy, sex scene. I had guessed very early on who the main antagonist was going to be and who her mother was. I wasn’t sure, with all her talents, how our heroine didn’t put the pieces of this puzzle together until the final pages. Abshire ends the story quite abruptly and leaves a number of loose ends which I trust she will resolve in following novels in the series. I am hopeful that Abshire can pull everything together to make an interesting plot in further books of the series as Stephanie’s memory loss has already worn thin by the end of the story. I have read a short preview of book two and it does look pretty good so I have my fingers crossed that Abshire has managed to resolve some of the issues I found with the story in this next installment.


A girl that wakes up with no memories and surrounded with dead bodies sounds like a great premise for a book. However, I felt the The Awakening was a bit lacking. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what was about this book that I felt didn’t live up to my expectations as there was plenty of action, mystery and romance to appeal to just about everyone but I still felt that something was missing. I believe that Abshire could have made more of the heroine as she came across just a bit too perfect both physically and with her powers/talents. The story seemed to just amble along and then rather abruptly ended. I am hoping that Abshire is able to flesh out more of a story for these characters in future books of this series and deliver a plotline that will peak my interest.


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Carolyn December 26, 2012 at 1:37 pm

I like my heroine’s to be realistic (flawed and damaged LOL) if I’m going to fully connect with them. It’s a shame that this lacked that aspect.


Melanie December 26, 2012 at 5:15 pm

Since writing this review I have realised how ‘unrememberable’ (is that a word?) this book is. I had to re-read my own review to remind me what the plot was about (twice).


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