A GIFT FOR ALL SEASONS (Summer Sisters #2)
by Karen Templeton

PUBLISHER: Harlequin
RELEASE DATE: 16th Oct 2012
FORMAT: Ebook, 224 pages
GENRE: Contemporary Romance

Hiring Patrick Shaughnessy to landscape her new inn was strictly a business arrangement. Until April Ross got to know the war-scarred single father…and his irrepressible little girl. Patrick made it clear he wasn’t looking for romance. Neither was April. But could she make him see that some risks were worth taking? The lively, widowed blonde might be the most tempting woman Patrick had ever known, but the returning vet knew a happy ending wasn’t in the cards. Still, that was before April started working her magic on his daughter…and on him. Maybe this Christmas was a time for new beginnings—if Patrick had the courage to go with the powerful feelings April had awakened in him…. (Goodreads)


Ho hum. I don’t know where to start with this review in all honesty. It has been so long since I read a straight up romance, and now I remember why I left the genre behind… I think I must have sickened myself with Mills and Boons when I was younger.

Let me first say that there is nothing wrong with A GIFT FOR ALL SEASONS if you enjoy a vanilla romance. It’s just not my cup of tea anymore, so I will try and be open minded with my review.

April Ross is a strong willed young woman who seems like a really lovely person to know. She has a couple of cousins who like a real laugh and there is a genuinely nice relationship between them all.

April married young and lost her husband early on in their marriage, which has left her a very well off young lady. She has since decided to go back to her roots and convert her grandma’s house into aN Inn. The house needs a huge make-over and so as well as hiring her cousins to help her out, she also needs a landscape gardener. She comes across Patrick Shaughnessy in the local garden centre and manages to make a complete arse of herself when she sees him, as she stands staring at him. Not because of his stunning good looks, but because of the severe scarring on his face, due to an incident whilst he was serving out in Iraq. She manages to get a grip of herself and ends up hiring his family company for the job.

There is definitely chemistry between the two, but Patrick has convinced himself that he doesn’t need any further complications in his life. He has a daughter whom he adores, and an ex-wife that just couldn’t cope with his injuries, that keeps popping in and out of his daughters life, continually turning their lives upside down. Add to that he has come to the conclusion that no woman could be genuinely interested in him as he is damaged goods.

April is a determined and strong woman, whom I really liked. She knows what she wants to do with her life and is going to do what she needs to do to make it a success. She speaks her mind with Patrick and forces him to reluctantly acknowledge the spark that exists between them.

A GIFT FOR ALL SEASONS seems to go the way of most romance books. They meet, they rub each other up the wrong way, they fall in love, something happens to cock it all up, and then they realise they have been idiots and it’s all hunky dory again. I guess the saying ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ applies to this trope.


A GIFT FOR ALL SEASONS is a heart warming story set in a relevant today setting, which made me smile and gave me a nice gooey feeling throughout the book. It follows the typical romance novel formula, and was something I could pick up and put down, easily following on from where I left off. A nice story to give you the warm and fuzzies when stuck indoors on a cold and miserable day.


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Gemma December 5, 2012 at 8:46 am

I’m afraid I’m with you in this camp, Vickie. I have moved away from the normal Mills and Boons type romance. Its strange because as I was reading your review, I swear you were almost talking about the short in the anthology I am reading just now.


vickie December 5, 2012 at 9:28 pm

yeah, and thats why i stopped reading them in all honesty. They all literally follow the same script. I am just about to hit the misunderstanding part of the book I am reading at the moment. I am 3/4 of the way through, and I can say that there will be some issue, that will then be resolved in the last few pages, and they will end up getting married.


Laura December 7, 2012 at 4:12 pm

Oh I do love it when the hero and heroine is scarred or damaged in some way – I don’t know why! Perhaps I’m just mean lol. I personally enjoy a bit of vanilla romance every now and then :)


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