All I Want for Christmas is You by Lisa Mondello
(Fate with a Helping Hand #1) | Self-Published (Aug 2011)
Kindle, 200 pages | Contemporary Romance

All I Want for Christmas is You opens to a little girl Kristen sitting on Santa’s knee asking for a daddy for Christmas. This Santa is unlike any Santa you’ve ever met as he wants to help this little girl get a daddy. I want to meet a Santa like this, one who can make the impossible possible.

Santa turns out to be Kyle, a single, young, good looking, successful business man and he has a really big heart. As Kyle is pondering how to help Kristen and her mother Lauren, he sees them in the car park having car trouble and offers to help. Lauren is not as receptive as he expects and we see a glimpse of the emotional walls that Lauren has built up.

Lauren is a hard working  beautiful woman, that loves her child dearly, Lauren has been hurt in the past and has many trust issues, All I Want for Christmas is You is a romantic Christmas tale of earning trust and learning to love again.

This simple toy was much more than just a child’s plaything. It was a symbol, the beginning of an upward climb towards trust. And he had every intention of reaching the top.

I found I was able to connect to the characters easily I especially liked Kyle, he is a woman’s dream, charming, considerate, kind, rich and good looking, a bit too good to be true but it’s fiction so why not?

Kyle tries hard to earn Lauren’s trust, taking his time to get to know her being the perfect gentleman and also spending time with Kristen. Kyle and Lauren both have a past and as they become closer we get to know their history, which at times is quite moving and caused a bit of emotion to leak out of my eyes.

When Lauren catches the flu most men would go running but Kyle stays, taking care of Lauren and it is the first time in her life since she had Kristen that anyone has taken care of her, softening her heart and helping her overcome her aversion to wanting a man on he life.

Love never runs smoothly and so All I Want for Christmas is You wouldn’t be complete with its ups and downs and little twists.

For the first time in years Lauren has a proper big family Christmas as Kyle brings her home to share the holiday with him and his parents. This pulls up fond memories for Lauren, which she has tried to repress, now these feeling have resurfaced will Lauren face them or run away?

There were many quotes I liked in All I Want for Christmas is You and during this Christmas period, I would like you to take some time out and remember to enjoy it.

Things can get so hectic sometimes that we forget to stop and enjoy life, live a little.


All I want for Christmas is You is a feel good romantic Christmas tale, the characters were extremely likeable albeit a little too perfect and the plot was slightly emotional, pleasing but predictable and sometimes repetitive as Lauren frequently reviews her feelings.

The writing flowed, Kyle was beyond perfect and I wouldn’t think twice about keeping a man like that, a light hearted read, where an impossible child’s unselfish wish becomes true. (Free for UK Kindle right now!)


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Laura December 18, 2012 at 9:32 pm

Aww I don’t mind a bit of predictability with my Christmas reads, I quite like cutesy and happy when it comes to Christmas this sounds like a nice bit of escapism!


Becs December 22, 2012 at 2:34 pm

I’m in a bit of a bah humbug mode this year and Kyle was just too perfect, if only men were as thoughtful, sigh!
A nice read and full of Christmas cheese it was the perfect man and the negative woman that put me off, a man like Kyle could sweep me off my feet any day ;)


Gemma December 19, 2012 at 4:12 pm

If a guy like Kyle existed in real life, I would be highly suspicious. Great Review though!


Becs December 22, 2012 at 2:38 pm

Hahaha Gemma, though if a guy like Kyle existed I’d let him pamper me and enjoy it while it lasted ;)


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