Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish (Windham #4)
by Grace Burrowes | Paperback, 404 pages
Sourcebooks Casablanca (Oct 2011)
Historical Romance

Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish by Grace Burrowes is a great historical romance for the holiday season, filled with lust, scandal and Christmas spirit.

We begin with Wilhelm Charpentier, otherwise known as ‘Vim’, being unable to acquire a room in London and offered a room at Lady Sophia Windham’s ducal mansion. This initial meeting yields no indication of either individual’s social status, with Vim presuming that Sophie is merely a housekeeper, as the rest of her ducal family are awaiting her arrival in Kent. Likewise she assumes that he is merely a traveller of some kind, and is unaware of his social standing as a Baron.

Vim becomes a great aid to Sophie, as she discovers that one of her young maids has abandoned her baby and feels obliged to care for the youngster herself. Sophie has no idea how to look after baby Christopher, nicknamed ‘Kit’, as she has no children of her own and all her servants have left the townhouse. It falls to Vim to teach her how to care for a baby, teaching her how to change a nappy, to feed him and to bathe him.

Whilst caring for the baby it is obvious that both have developed feelings for each other, and that there is a mutual attraction. When a sudden burst of snow ensures that Vim will be staying with her for a few more days it becomes clear that neither one can fight their feelings for each other. Having never had a relationship with a man before Sophie’s Christmas wish for love is answered, even though she knows it cannot last.

Vim falls for both Kit and Sophie, but still the question of social standing hasn’t been discussed between the two, with Vim seeming prepared to take Sophie on as a mistress if he cannot marry her. However, when Sophie’s three brothers turn up to bring her to Kent for the family Christmas her social standing as the Duke of Moreland’s daughter is soon revealed. Will the pair get together now both are aware of the other’s noble birth? And what of Kit? Will Sophie be forced to give him up?

All these questions are answered in the novel’s tidy conclusion, which I really enjoyed. It was a story of Christmas magic that leaves you feeling warm inside, and the historical setting adds to the drama as well as adding to the romance. It was a little frustrating that the social hierarchy could keep them apart, especially as the reader is aware of both character’s standing before they discover it for themselves. At the same time I loved that there was this level of detail given to the reader, as sometimes when you discover everything at the same time as the character it can feel a little slow.

As for the characters, I loved the level of character development undergone by both Sophie and Vim as we slowly discover their pasts, which really helps you to understand who they are. Their relationship with each other is developed at a reasonable pace, with the love not seeming instantaneous, and I enjoyed seeing how both interacted with Kit and how the child brought them together. I particularly liked Sophie, as she is described as being the sensible one in the family, yet still isn’t afraid to flaunt society’s rules.

Overall I really liked this holiday story, and there were only a few minor issues for me such as the convenience of some plot elements. Another such issue was the frequent repetition of Sophie ‘wishing’ for things to happen, as I feel that this was used a bit too much by the author. A great Christmas read to get you ready for the festive season, this book is guaranteed to add some regency magic to your bookshelf.


This book was a heartwarming Christmas read in which an abandoned baby draws two unlikely people together, with the conclusion tying up the plot perfectly. Sophie and Vim are really well-developed as characters, and this book is bound to get you wishing for some Christmas love!


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  2. The Soldier
  3. The Virtuoso
  4. Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish
  5. Lady Maggie’s Secret Scandal
  6. Lady Louisa’s Christmas Knight
  7. Lady Eve’s Indiscretion
  8. Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait




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Gemma December 13, 2012 at 10:40 am

Well, after reading this charming review and the temptation of it only being 99p on kindle I have gone and ordered it. :) I do love a good historical romance.


Rebecca December 13, 2012 at 6:38 pm

Thanks Gemma! Oh dear, another one for your growing to-read pile? Hope you enjoy it! :)


Carolyn December 13, 2012 at 12:24 pm

Me too! :D


Rebecca December 13, 2012 at 6:39 pm

Hope you enjoy it! :D


Laura December 14, 2012 at 8:46 am

Oh yes I think I need to order it too, it sounds delightful! :-)


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