From the time we announced the final Red Rock ebook in 2009, people have been asking us when we’d go back to the Sanctuary world and write more about werewolves and their witch rivals. In the beginning we didn’t want to return–we had our four books and our two prequel novellas, and those were the stories we had to tell. But people kept asking, and we kept saying, “Well, what if…okay, no, but maybe if…”

A watched pot never boils, and I’m starting to think a watched plot is the same way. The harder we tried to force ourselves to come up with the right story, the more they slipped away. Finally we set the idea aside for a while, reluctantly admitting that maybe it had been too long in any case. We’d missed our window. It was time to work on other–

BOOM! That was our idea, knocking us head over heels. It hit us so hard we sat down and wrote Haunted Sanctuary instead of the book we were supposed to be writing. It wasn’t the story we’d originally imagined. It takes place in a new town, with a new cast of characters, and is set several years after the end of Red Rock Pass. You don’t have to be familiar with any of the previous books to pick up Haunted Sanctuary…

…but hey. Any excuse to give away books is good for us!


Thanks to the generosity of Samhain Publishing–and with the assistance of many awesome bloggers–we get to spend the next twenty days giving away 80 ebooks! Those of you who haven’t read the Red Rock Pass books will have twenty different chances to win the entire set in the ebook format of your choice.

In honor of that, we’re going to be revisiting some of our favorite scenes from each of the four books…and maybe showing a few sneaky peeks at the next chapter in the Sanctuary Universe!


Sanctuary Unbound: Meet the Vampire Lumberjack
aka Yes, Yes. He Works All Night & He Sleeps All Day

Ahhhhh, Sanctuary Unbound. This book was more popularly known as the Vampire Lumberjack book. Adam Dubois is a character who started as an idea and a joke and turned into one of my favorite heroes I’ve ever written. A grumpy, anti-social logger-turned-vampire who’d been hiding in the woods for a century offered endless opportunities.

Vampires are rare in the Sanctuary world, and plenty of other characters (some of our previous heroes, included) were convinced they didn’t exist at all. This is partly due to a jealousy of power and partly because both wolves and witches will ignore their mutual animosity in favor of killing vampires–who tend to look at witches as a delicious snack and wolves as a glorious buffet.

Poor Cindy is the pack doctor, and she doesn’t know what to think when a vampire strolls into her home. He’s handsome, he’s dressed in flannel, he’s annoyingly old-fashioned…and she’s pretty sure he’s teasing her. A lot.

Cindy took a gulp of her water and sat across the table from him. May as well get it out there. “What about you? Do you need anything?”

Amusement flashed in his eyes. “Salt and pepper?”

He was a smartass, but she’d asked for it with her vague words. She retrieved the salt and pepper shakers from the shelf above the tiled backsplash behind the stove. “You’ll have to indulge me with a few silly questions. I know nothing about vampires.”

“I eat. I sleep. I don’t burst into flame in the sunlight.” If he had fangs, his smile didn’t show them. “And sometimes I drink blood.”

“Mm-hmm. That’s the part I’m curious about.”

“Not surprised. Not many vampires stray out of New England these days.”

“So you won’t mind enlightening me.”

His gaze dropped to the table, studying the salt shaker as he upended an unhealthy amount of salt onto his food. “What do you want to know? The how, the why, or the how much?”

“Yes.” She tilted her head and smiled wryly. “I’m the pack doctor. These things matter to me.”

“I’m not going to lure your pack mates into the woods for a nibble, if that’s what you’re worried about. I need some blood if I’m going to be walking into a fight, but Dylan’s already offered.”

Protectiveness shot through her. “He did, did he?”

One of Adam’s eyebrows rose. “I’m sorry, do I need your permission to accept his offer?”

“I have no claim on Dylan.” It would take the wolf inside her a little time to catch up with that, but it didn’t change the facts. “Why him?”

“I’ve talked to five wolves from your pack,” he murmured, holding up fingers as he counted each one off. “Dylan, Joe, Brynn, Gavin and Sam. Three of them are hurt or sick, and Dylan said Samantha got herself tangled up in a binding spell with a hungry vamp on the other end.”

She found herself inexplicably taken aback by his explanation. “If it’s going to potentially affect anyone’s health, you come to me. It’s what I do.”

Adam frowned. “Come to you? To find another willing donor?”

“Of course. I could do it myself, if I needed to.”

“Do what yourself? Find me a donor? Or be a donor?”

“Be a—” Her voice cracked, and she took a bracing gulp of water. “Be a donor. Hell, we could do it here in my office. Or do you…need to drink from someone?”

He looked like he was trying not to smile. “The blood is mostly incidental. It’s the power I need, especially if I’m going to be fighting one of my own. The power comes from the willing gift of blood or the violent taking of it. I’ve never had much luck with drawing blood and saving it for later.”

Cindy had encountered plenty of things that were more of the realm of magic than they were of the physical. It had been one of the hardest things to reconcile as a doctor and a werewolf. “What’s your usual ritual, then?”

“My usual ritual is not applicable in this situation.” That amusement in his eyes had faded, replaced with something almost like self-consciousness. “Not with Dylan, in any case. I’m hoping Sasha might be able to come up with some sort of magical ritual to enhance the power of the gift, now that she has access to her books.”

She’d learned to recognize evasion in her patients, and she saw it now in Adam. “How do you usually obtain the power, Adam? The blood?”

He sighed, a soft, tired sound. “From a lover, Dr. Shepherd.”

It was so obvious that she felt like an idiot. “Oh.”

“Yes.” His mouth twitched. “Would you like me to attempt to explain the relationship between sex and magic? I’m not sure I know the details, but I could try.”

“Wolves have plenty of connection between sex and magic. It’s not an—an alien concept.”

“I know. Most of my companions came from the local werewolf pack.” He was definitely laughing at her. “It can be a mutually beneficial arrangement under the right circumstances.”

“I see.” She capped her bottle and rose. “I’ll talk to Sasha, see if she manages to come up with anything. For the time being, I think you should consider me your potential donor. Just to avoid complications.”

His gaze stayed fixed on her with an almost tangible weight, and there was no mistaking his sharp interest or the heat in his stare. “It will be my pleasure.”

“Yes?” She had to get away from him before the throb of lust twisting through her made her do something crazy like ask him into her bed. “I suppose we’ll find out.”

“I suppose we will.” He seemed to shake himself, and the oddly formal tone of his words vanished. “Now if it’s okay with you, I’m going to eat. It was a damn long drive and I hate automatic transmissions.”

“Make yourself at home.” The words came out husky, almost inviting, and Cindy hoped he couldn’t sense her arousal as she turned to the door. “Good night.”

“Good night, Dr. Shepherd.”


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Amanda J January 23, 2013 at 2:18 pm

Have been wanting to read this series for a while, I would love to win this prize!


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Love the snippet, =) i´m reading Haunted Sanctuary atm and loving it!
Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Wednesday!


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I’ve read some of their books but not the Pass books. So, oh yea! I’m in!! Have been wanting to read these!
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Moors Rogers is not an author I have read before. But after reading this snippet I’m going to download the first book on my new Kindle (that I got for my birthday). Thank you.


Becky/Tala January 23, 2013 at 8:18 pm

Read the first one and loved it.


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Sorry, the vampire lumberjack has me snickering! 😀 This series is the only one I haven’t read by Moira Rogers! Thanks for the giveaway!


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I loved Cry Santuary and would love to read the rest of the series. Thanks for the giveaway


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Always looking for new reads. Fab contest

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Thanks for the chance.


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have heard of this series and have wanted to read it for some time, but getting my hands on a copy has been challenging, as so many people seem to want to read it as well


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This sounds like an awesome series! Moira Rogers is a new-to-me author, and I’d love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway!!

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