Water Witch by Carol Goodman
(Fairwick Chronicles #2)
Ebury Publishing (Sept 2012)
Paperback, 339 pages
Paranormal Romance

Warning: contains spoilers

Water Witch continues a little way on from the ending of Incubus, with Callie having banished Liam to the Borderlands. Who’s Callie?  Who’s Liam?

Okay, a quick catch up for those of you that haven’t read or can’t remember my review of Incubus.

Callie Mcfay is a half fey, half witch Professor at Fairwick College. When she first arrived in Fairwick she fell in love with a beautiful old house, and its resident incubus, Liam. Unfortunately things didn’t go so well for Callie and Liam, and what with there being suspicious deaths in the not so tranquil Fairwick, Liam was deemed to be the cause and Callie and some of the other residents of Fairwick found it necessary to banish him back to the Borderlands, a dark and dangerous place on the outskirts of Faerie.

Unfortunately for Callie, that hasn’t been the end of him, at least, not in her dreams. And now she has a new problem to try and contend with.

As we found out in Incubus, Fairwick has its share of paranormal residents, ranging from Brownies, to Vampires, a Succubus, Faeries and more. Now it is time for the Undines (a sort of half fish half woman creature) to make  their way up the river Undine to return to Faerie in order to finish developing from an eel like creature into a fully formed Undine, a journey that takes place once every one hundred years. On the other side, the mature Undines are waiting to do the opposite journey in order to find a mate amongst the humans. But the way to Faerie has become clogged, and the Undines may end up in the Borderlands, instead of making their way through, safely to Faerie. As the Doorkeeper, it falls to Callie to clear the blockages, and help the Undines through. Whilst helping the girls through to Faerie she is pulled through, where she gets into trouble, only to be rescued by Liam.

After a heartwarming *cough* reunion (well..he is an incubus!!) Callie and Liam are walking back to the Undines, and Callie, as per usual for her, manages to land herself in yet more trouble, with one of the mature Undines thats planing to return through to door in order to mate with a human male. A battle of the elements ensues and Callie manages to make things worse, ending up with her being expelled from Faerie rather unceremoniously, once again leaving Liam behind. But Callie didn’t make it back through alone. Something came through with her.

That however is the least of Callie’s problems. Upon her return to Fairwick she discovers that she has a friend who has for all intents and purposes died, a trashed house,  and hears that the witches of The Grove (a group of witches, who for the most part hate they Fey because of the Witch huntings way back when) along with two other organisations are looking to close the door to Faerie for good. As Doorkeeper, the otherworldly residents of Fairwick are hoping that Callie can help keep the door open, allowing them to return every now and again, prolonging their lives, and allowing them contact with friends and family in Faerie.

When Callie tries to access the magic inside herself she discovers it’s locked down tight, and she just cant seem to release it. This is where her new journey begins.

Callie Callie Callie… what are we going to do with you?? She seems to be a lovely girl, but someone you just want to smack upside the head for all the lousy decisions she makes! Seriously, if she was your BFF you would shake her until her teeth rattle!! However, by the end of Water Witch she finally seems to be coming into her own, and actually appears to have learnt a little something!

We are once again left with a heart wrenching cliffhanger to ensure you come back for the next instalment, which I will most definitely be looking out for.


Although slow to get going, by the end of the book, Water Witch turned out to be a really enjoyable read and towards the end I couldn’t put it down. There were plenty of twists and turns, and although I had pegged one of the characters from quite early into their introduction, others I was left wondering about until the end.  I was so pleased to see that Goodman had stepped away from the thesaurus this time around, and my dictionary was able to stay firmly on the shelf. In no way did this detract from her wonderfully descriptive writing and I enjoyed Water Witch all the more for it.


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  1. Incubus
  2. Water Witch




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Melanie January 7, 2013 at 2:04 pm

Ooh I like the US cover…in fact much better than the UK one.


Gemma January 7, 2013 at 3:43 pm

I’m opposite from Melanie. I like the UK cover better.

Sounds an interesting series. May have to add it to the wish list


KtTurner January 8, 2013 at 12:28 am

Great review, thank you. I have this one to read in the next month. I read book 1 and loved it, so can’t wait to pick this one up. BTW I do love the US cover.

Katie @ Turner’s Antics


Vivienne January 8, 2013 at 2:00 pm

I really must get hold of this series. I love the look and sound of them. Carol Goodman is one of those people I am dying to read.


[…] “Callie Callie Callie… what are we going to do with you?? She seems to be a lovely girl, but someone you just want to smack upside the head for all the lousy decisions she makes!” – Book Chick City […]

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