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Lorelei James Sells Sexy New Series

Erotic romance author Lorelei James officially announced the sale of her new series on her blog on Tuesday. The author was understandably excited to finally be able to share the news with her fans, who were undoubtedly just as excited. The first book in the two part series, Unwound, will be published in November of this year.

Who are the main characters? My female lead is Amery Hardwick–a graphic designer who encounters my male lead, Ronin Black, who owns the ju-jitsu dojo where she’s taking a women’s self defense class. Amery literally gets knocked off her feet when she meets the intense Sensei Black….

I have personally never read anything by Lorelei James, but visiting her blog has made me want to!

Source: Lorelei James’ Blog

Former Death Row Inmate Sues Harper Collins

Nick Yarris was put on death row in 1984 after being found guilty of the rape and murder of Lindy May Craig. He was acquited in 2004 with the help of DNA, and went about recounting his story in the book Seven Days to Live. The release of the book was stopped when Yarris was arrested for growing marijuana – a charge which was later dismissed. The issue is that an estimated 1000+ books had already been distributed and were subsequently sold to the public. Yarris is in the process of suing for breach of contract.

Let’s face it, this could be a novel in itself. In fact, some of it is in book form – but due to its low production numbers, you can expect to pay more than you usually would for your next read. Perhaps Yarris can utilise this and re-release his book with a new chapter detailing his civil suit. Presumably he would need to approach a different publisher, though.

Source: The Guardian

Amazon is Not in Good Books

Amazon has made a bid for control over domains such as .book, .read and .author, which various other parties are not particularly happy about. Those who have raised objections include The Author’s Guild and the Association of American Publishers, who are actively fighting the attempt, as well as Barnes and Noble.

I speak as someone who really quite likes Amazon’s cheap books, free delivery and Kindle when I say – this is absolutely ridiculous. Amazon didn’t invent the terms, nor the things they describe. As much as I enjoy Amazon as a service, they are pretty soulless. They want to make money, and that’s fine – but not off something that is so anti-soulless as books and reading, and the people who enable that. Nope.

Source: NPR

The Telegraph doesn’t seem very happy with Amazon this week either, if its claim that niche authors are being penalised by the royalty rates is any indication. The royalty rate for books between £1.49 and £7.81 is 70%,. Anything out of those boundaries incurs only a 35% royalty rate.

I don’t know exactly how I feel about this. I personally wouldn’t buy an ebook that was over £7.81 anyway, because Amazon offers hardcovers for about that price, and I still buy a lot of paper books anyway. I don’t know a lot about self-publishing, but as people have pointed out, the decision to publish with Amazon is the authors to make, just as it would be their choice whether to sign with a particular agent.

Source: The Bookseller

Female Werewolf Found!

Kelley Armstrong fans will be pleased to know that the transfer of Bitten from book to TV series is that much closer to happening now that heroine has been cast. It was revealed first to fans at the Toronto ComiCon that Elena Michaels will be played by Laura Vandervoort, who has appeared in Smallville and Ted. More members of the cast are to be revealed soon, and production of the series is set to start next month. Laura is a well-known actress with many acting credits to her name, and many fans are very happy with the choice.

Looks-wise, I think Laura will make a good Elena. I haven’t seen her acting, but even if I had I would reserve judgement until after seeing her in the specific role, which I think is the thing to do in these situations. People often think that they have some ownership over a character in a novel, and now that there are so many books/series being made into movies/TV series’ there is always someone disappointed in who’s been cast as their favourite character. If they feel like that after they’ve seen the person in the role then that’s fine, but a lot of readers set themselves up for the disappointment. (Photo © Gage Skidmore)

Source: Bella Media Site

Google Reader is Going, Going …

Google have announced that they will soon be shutting down their widely used RSS reader. Those who use the Google Reader will have to find an alternative by July 1st, which is when it will be shut down completely. It, among various other Google services, will become the victim of what has been termed ‘spring cleaning’ which has resulted in the closing of 70 features since 2011.

Many users have already been desperately searching for the alternative to this service, and – knowing that a lot of our readers are probably in the same boat, Carolyn kindly made some suggestions of her own. Please let us know if you know of any others.

Sources: Google Blog | Mashable | Cnet

New Steampunk Series by Butcher

Already well-known and loved for his Dresden Files novels, Jim Butcher has now signed a pretty lucrative deal for three books of a new Steampunk series The Cinder Spires. Publishers Weekly was the one to break the news, although Butcher’s official site goes into more detail. We have been informed that the first book will be called The Aeronaut’s Windlass, but there is no release date news as of yet.

Sources: Media Bistro |

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Laura March 17, 2013 at 8:25 am

I love Bitten by Kelley Armstrong it’s one of my favourite books, not bad casting either. I hope it’s a good TV series though and they don’t ruin it!


Bobby March 17, 2013 at 10:47 am

That’s always the worry with visual adaptations: it’s a good thing to see the characters you love brought to life, but so many things can go wrong. I think Kelley Armstrong is an author who wouldn’t have sold the rights unless she had some say in the production, but I may be wrong.
I generally reserve judgement for casting until I’ve seen the actor in the role, but from what I’ve seen they’re doing a good job looks wise.


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