Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia
(Monster Hunter International #1) | Baen Books (Aug 2009)
Paperback, 726 pages | Urban Fantasy

Owen Zastava Pitt is not your typical bean counter especially after he pushes his recently turned werewolf boss out the the window. Owen has made a big impression not just with the FBI but comes onto the radar of the MHI – Monster Hunter International who are an elite organisation, of well, monsters hunters. The MHI are a family run business of hunters that work towards ridding the world of all sorts of monsters. Its not long before Owen is recruited into this covert organisation and one of a number of newbies who have all had their own experience of the things that go bump in the night.

Owen is unique amongst this band of fellow hunters as his near death experience at the hands of his werewolf boss has gained him the help of a hunter how died about 60 years before. The ghost of ‘the Old Man’ comes to Owen in his dreams and during the many occasions when Owen almost dies. Its not long before the Old Man helps Owen uncover a horrific plot by megalomaniac killer, Lord Machado who should have died centuries before. Between Owen and Lord Machado are hundred of vampires, wights and  gargoyles that all want to see the end of the MHI. An apocalypse is in the offing and Owen is the only one who can save the day.

Owen is your atypical accountant and even more so unsuspecting hero. Big, brawny and ugly Owen falls immediately in love with the fellow hunter Julie Shackleford and spends quite a bit of the story looking for ways to impress the kick ass heroine. Raised by his father to be a firearms expert Owen, has more than enough opportunities to impress Julie by pulling out the big guns and blasting some supernatural baddies to smithereens. Correia creates some truly likeable characters and Owen is just one of the crew of the MHI that you end up cheering for throughout the numerous battles. Correia is an avid gun fan and manages to seamlessly integrate his love of guns into this story through Owen’s background and the many battles in this story. Normally, I would find endless descriptions of firearms to be quite dry but Correia succeeds in making them almost a character in their own right.

I really enjoyed Monster Hunter International and I loved Owen. I really like when the hero/heroine is less than perfect and Owen fit the less than perfect moniker perfectly. Correia love of guns was clear in this story and while I am not interested in firearms Correia, creates a great plot with a lot of twists and turns and the guns were just an extension of the plot and in fact, of Owen. The length of this book represents a serious investment in time even for those who are read quickly but its a testament to Correia’s skills at story telling as I was gripped all they way through.


Monster Hunter International is a monster of a book and a great read for all 726 pages. Owen Zastava Pitt is the perfect unassuming hero with penchant for big guns and a bad habit for almost getting killed. Correia goes for the long haul with a plot that is non stop action and a group of characters that have you cheering from the sidelines for each and every one of them. Correia’s love of guns is clear and while not a fan myself I was gripped by each and every page of this seriously, hardcore fight against everything that goes bump in the night.


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Laura March 22, 2013 at 12:47 pm

I have to say the 700+ pages would be put me off, but this does sound rather good. Although I has to say I’m really not a fan of the cover. Great review :)


Melanie March 23, 2013 at 6:13 pm

Yeah I wasn’t too enamored with the cover either until I read the book and then it really grows on you.


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