Werewolves be Damned by Stacey Kennedy coverWerewolves Be Damned by Stacey Kennedy
(Magic & Mayhem #1)
Entangled Publishing (April 2013)
Ebook, 204 pages
Paranormal Romance

Nexi Jones watches helplessly, as her adoptive parents are slaughtered by werewolves. She is saved by two men dressed in leather kilts that call themselves Guardians. Taken back to an Otherworld where she is told she is part-guardian and part-witch, Nexi wants nothing more than to get revenge on the creatures that killed her parents. She is willing to do anything, even be instructed by Kyden, an elite Guardian. The man is, in her words, a Neanderthal. An insufferable jerk that obviously has never heard of women’s lib.

I have a new author to put on my faves list. Werewolves Be Damned hits the ground running and never stops. In the beginning, Nexi’s parents are being slaughtered by wolves that turn into men and then back to wolves. Ms. Kennedy does an incredible job of describing Nexi’s thought process. Her fear, her confusion, and trying to rationalize what she is seeing. Her saviours are two men in leather kilts. After killing the wolves, Drake tells Nexi he is a Guardian and her birth father. She does what any of us would do in that situation – she faints.

While in Otherworld, Nexi learns her mother had been murdered when she was a baby and Drake, to protect her, had bound her powers and sent her to Earth to live and die as a human. After attempting to get information on her own and failing miserably, her father, the Counsel and Kyden agree to train her as a Guardian.

Together with Nexi, we learn about the new world she lives in. Otherworld is described in detail a little at a time. You can feel Nexi’s frustration as she finds out information bit by bit. Sometimes, information is given a tad too late. For instance, Kyden and Nexi are tracking down a rogue vampire. They head into a vampire dance club and she asks Kyden why he thinks the vampire who killed the guy is here:

With her one-liner, all the heat rushing his veins fled, replaced with cold frustration. “Consider this another lesson: vampires can hear you in a noisy club.”

She slowly turned to the dance floor, as did he. 

Every pair of vamp eyes was fixed in their direction and the crowd was now quiet. The mortals on the dance floor stopped dancing, looking around, confused and panicked, since clearly they hadn’t heard what Nexi had said.

“You know,” obvious irritation made her voice snappy, “you could’ve mentioned that a little earlier. Then I wouldn’t be looking like an all you an eat buffet.”

Lessons like this one are all through the book and they never failed to make me laugh. My son kept looking at me funny, as I giggled in several places. Nexi has some of the best quips.

The relationship between Kyden and Nexi is refreshing. Kyden wants her and admits to himself at one point that, if she had been raised in his world, he would have already claimed her. However, since she was raised around humans, he takes things slow. What an incredible idea! A man who is willing to wait and take things slow. I had such an “aww” moment when I read that part. Of course, this means the sexual tension built until… well, you will have to read THAT hot, steamy crescendo yourself. It was definitely worth the wait.

It isn’t just the relationship between Nexi and Kyden that is built during the book either, as Ms. Kennedy builds Nexi’s relationship with several characters. Haven is Nexi’s soul-sister, which means that she can share Nexi’s emotions if they are close. Trust me, this makes for some really funny scenes when Haven tells Kyden what Nexi is feeling at any particular time.

I could not put this book down. If I had one complaint, it is that the next book is not out yet. I am really hoping the next book has more of the head werewolf, Valor. He just sounds so yummy.


I loved every action-packed word in Werewolves Be Damned. Nexi is a kick-butt heroine with some really funny one-liners. You have to love somebody who was the guts to call the werewolf second-in-command a “persistent fur ball”. Kyden is everything you want in a hero. Tough, sexy, protective and yet he takes his time gaining Nexi’s love and trust. Oh, and he wears a kilt – what more can you ask for! I really hope the author doesn’t take a long time to get book 2 out. I will buy it in a heartbeat.

RATING: 5stars

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Carolyn June 12, 2013 at 5:59 am

This sounds excellent. I love it when everything comes together in a novel to make it 5 stars, it doesn’t happen often. The heroine sounds like my kind of gal. Will definitely be reading this one. Fab review.


Stephanie June 15, 2013 at 4:42 pm

It was definitely a great read. I can not wait till November when the next book comes out.


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