REVIEW: Blood Vine by Amber Belldene

Blood VineBlood Vine by Amber Belldene 
(Blood Vine #1)
Omnific Publishing (Jan 2013)
Ebook, 290 pages
Paranormal Romance

Blood Vine follows the story of Zoey Porter. She works in public relations in San Francisco, sleeps with her boss, Ethan, on an unfortunate and regular basis and has a tendency to keep herself to herself since the death of her husband, Michael.

On a regular day at work, Zoey is sent out to the Kastel Wine Estate to help Andre Maras relaunch his brand of wine. Little does she know that she is a pawn in the life long battle between the Hunters and the Vampires.

To say that vampires is an overdone topic when it comes to novels would be a complete understatement. This novel however, puts a whole new spin on things. It introduces new kinds of details such as that they have the ability to fly, their saliva heals wounds and that the reason vampires have such agility and speed is because their bodies use copper to carry oxygen around their bloodstream, just to name a few. Theses small details and logistics truly made the novel for me. I know the concept of vampirism will never be believable, but to have theories integrated in to the writing made their entire world seem plausible.

Zoey was not my most favourite character. She was very closed off and professional when it came to her business and her personal life. She immerses herself within her work just so she can keep her head out of the real world. Even though I wasn’t keen on her as a character, I did however find her intriguing. She was talked about a lot throughout the novel. I loved seeing her from the perspectives of different people and discovering how and why she came to be how she was.

One thing that I didn’t like about the novel was how it lacked detail in some places. For example: in one moment the characters would be in one place and in the next they would be in a different location and it would leave me wondering how they got to the different location because there was no mention of it. It only happened once or twice but I did pick up on it. Also, I assumed that Pedro (one of our sub characters) was an old man until he kissed Lucas (Ethan’s bother) toward the middle of the novel. This for me is a long time without know what character looks like!

The conflict between the Hunters and the Vampires was not fully explained until three quarters in to the novel. Although it annoyed me to start with, in the end I found it so complex and unconventional that it would have ruined the novel If I was bombarded with all this info at the start. Vampires have been exiled from their homeland of Croatia by the Hunters. Not only does this mean that they have been forced out of their home, but it also means that the blood bond that tied them to their home soil has been broken and they will slowly die because of it. Now Andre is trying to use his wine (which has been developed in to a cure for the disease) as a way to reach out to his fellow vampires and so they can come back together as a clan and so he can help cure them. The reason I said this conflict was unconventional is due to the fact that I actually sympathized with the vampires. Having been presented with both sides of the argument, I realised that the Hunters were the twisted and barbaric ones who did more harm than good, not the Vampires.


This is a great new paranormal romance. I adored the relationship that Zoey and Andre had and I loved how the seeds for new relationships were planted to be revealed in the next novel. I thoroughly enjoyed the battles, conflicts and twists on the vampire genre and I will definitely pick up Blood Entangled (the second instalment) upon release.

RATING: 4stars

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  1. Blood Vine
  2. Blood Entangled




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Jennifer Lane June 5, 2013 at 9:03 pm

Awesome review! I have a good feel for the novel after reading your review. I grow weary about vampire books at times as well, and that’s great to know there’s a fresh spin in this novel. Copper in the bloodstream? Whoa. ;-)


Alex June 8, 2013 at 3:38 am

I strongly urge you to read it :) It was really good and as I said, the small logistics made it for me :)

I hope you get your hands on a copy soon!


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