The Awakening: AidenThe Awakening: Aiden by Abby Niles
Entangled Publishing (April 2013)
Ebook, 167 pages
Paranormal Romance

Dr. Jaylin Avgar is a psychiatrist and half-shifter who has spent her career counselling other shifters who have lost their mates. Between watching her mother grieve over the death of her father, and dealing with her patients’ grief, she has decided to never mate with a shifter.

Aiden O’Connell contacts Jaylin to help his friend, Liam, overcome his grief after being rejected by his mate. Aiden instinctively knows that Jaylin is his mate but she wants nothing to do with him. He is determined to change her mind.

The Awakening was not a book I enjoyed. My first issue was the liberal terminology from a “new language”. Tossing around a few words, in italics, that are sometimes explained, sometimes not and a few you have to figure out, is not something that I really enjoy. Even if I am reading a book with a real foreign language, I prefer to have a glossary somewhere in the book that I can refer to if the need should arise. There was not a glossary available.

After years of watching the pain other shifters had gone through, Jaylin had decided to give up treating shifters and just focus on humans. This had hurt her practice, and twice she caves in and agrees to treat a shifter because she is offered a large amount of money. One of these was Liam, Aiden’s friend, and Aiden offered her money to not only treat Liam but to come to his house for the counselling.  The second was money that was offered by a woman to have Jaylin fly to Cancun to treat her son, who was being rejected by his mate. It seemed that Jaylin was only helping these two, not because she really cared about the patients but because they had money. Had Aiden or the other woman been poor, would she have accepted their cases?  This is not a trait I like in anybody.

Jaylin repeatedly tells Aiden to go away, that she is not interested in being his mate. She wants nothing to do with the eternal bond that fuses a shifter and his mate. She doesn’t wish to feel grief or have her mate grieve for her, if one should die. She wants to marry a human, because apparently we do not feel grief when we lose a partner. Aiden refuses to leave her alone. He is obsessed with her. I understand this is part of the “mating process” but he shows no interest in any part of her life, or seems to give a damn about HER feelings. Instead of trying to win her love and trust, he kidnaps her and takes her to a private island in the hope that since she can’t escape, she will mate with him. Then he begins to ignore her until she chases after him. This is not my kind of love story, I was so disturbed by his actions, I almost stopped reading.

I found the plot totally predictable. There is a device that is used on Liam, and Aiden asks about it. I knew as soon as Jaylin started to explain the various uses, exactly what was going to happen at some point in the story. There were no surprise twists with the plot, and I like surprises sometimes. I knew when Jaylin was taken to the island she was going to fall for Aiden, but not realize it until something happened to her and/or him.

The only thing this book had going for it were the “love” scenes. The sex was hot and steamy. Ms. Niles can definitely write one heck of a scene. There just needs to be more to the love part of the story.


I really did not enjoy The Awakening. It was predictable and somewhat disturbing. It was meant to be a love story but came across as something else. There were times when Aiden reminded me of a mentally abusive ex, who would pull the same “I am going to ignore you and make you want me” routine.


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