Having read all the preceding books in this series, I was looking forward to reading the 4th and final book. After sadly being dropped by Orbit, the author decided to self-publish the ending to David and Sarah’s story. I have read other reviews which stated that the series didn’t really need another book, but I’d have to disagree. I’m really pleased that Petersen decided to publish a final book to what was a fun series.

I will say that The Zombie Whisperer wasn’t as good as I had hoped but it did wrap up a few of the questions I was left with at the end of Eat Slay Love.

We’re back with Sarah and David a couple of months from where Eat Slay Love ended. They are up high in the hills, living day to day, fighting off any zombie stragglers and generally getting by. David, with his new zombie strength and immunity to zombie bites does most of the hard work, preferring to keep Sarah out of harms way. This doesn’t go down particularly well with Sarah and so they have to compromise with Sarah shooting from the top of the house.

One day a large pod of zombies descend upon them, and after dispatching all of them realise they were running from something. That something soon comes into view – a helicopter containing old friends. Sarah and Dave soon find themselves back in Seattle where it all began, along with many familiar faces, trying to find a cure to zombieism, dealing with Sarah’s shocking, but potentially exciting news, and coping with Dave being poked and prodded by scientists like a lab rat.

Although they know many of the people they are now working with, Sarah has some serious trust issues, issues that are proved right, albeit by the wrong people.

I did enjoy this instalment. I jumped straight back into Sarah and Dave’s story with ease, as though I hadn’t had the eighteen month long wait since the last book. The Zombie Whisperer was a pretty short read, which was a shame, and because of that I did feel the ending was a tad rushed. There were also certain plot elements that really didn’t need to be there. But as always there was quite a bit of snarkiness from Sarah, which I’ve always enjoyed, and it was nice to meet past characters again. The writing wasn’t as tight as in the previous books, but I still really enjoyed Petersen’s voice and really like her writing style. I find it very easy to read.

The Zombie Whisperer is a fun read and wraps up Sarah and David’s story nicely. It was really good to be back with these two characters and to see them getting an end to their story was satisfying, if a little bittersweet. I will miss Sarah and Dave.

Rating: 3 Stars

The Zombie Whisperer by Jesse Petersen
(Living with the Dead #4)
Urban Fantasy / Zombies
Self-Published (Jan 2013)
Kindle Edition: 174 pages

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Gemma June 27, 2013 at 11:11 am

I’m really glad that you got a conclusion to this series. There are a couple of series that I have read in the past that have been abandoned because the publisher dropped the author.

I really should read this series as I am more open to zombie books now after watching the walking dead. Great reveiw as always


Carolyn June 27, 2013 at 8:29 pm

I would definitely recommend as it is a fun series.


Joani S June 27, 2013 at 10:35 pm

I’ve actually listened to the first 3 on audio, and I’ve bought this kindle edition but haven’t read it yet. I loved the series but I was sort of putting off having it end. Maybe I’ll do a re-listen to make it last a little longer before reading this one.


Carolyn June 28, 2013 at 11:22 am

I know what you mean. It’s hard when a much loved series is coming to an end. I’ve put off reading books in other series just so I don’t have to deal with it LOL I do eventually read them though…


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