REVIEW: Skin by Kylie Scott

Skin - Kylie Scott

After reading and loving Flesh, the first book in this series, I was really looking forward to reading Skin. The reason I didn’t pick it up sooner is because I was concerned about the premise. The heroine, Roslyn, is sold for food and supplies by the people she is living with. After the zombie apocalypse hit, Roslyn hid in the school where she had worked as a librarian. The guy who bought her is our hero, Nick. He wants a woman to spend his time with, and have sex with. Roslyn is not too keen on being bought and sold like a piece of meat and so takes an instance dislike, or shall I say, hatred, to Nick. After smashing Nick over the head and causing all sorts of trouble as he takes her back to his home, he decides to chain her up so she can’t leave.

This was where my concern lay. How could the author take a captive situation and turn it into a romance? Fortunately, Scott manages it brilliantly and I thought this instalment was even better than the first.

Although Nick is a complete A-Hole, he’s not abusive. He doesn’t physically hurt her, rape her, or treat her badly in any way, other than the chain of course. We go through all of Roslyn’s emotions with her: how could he do this; how dare he do this; he’s a complete and utter bastard… and because I went through all of Roslyn’s turmoil with her, the more realistic the romance between her and Nick became.

As with Flesh, the narration alternates between hero and heroine, so we do get to hear from both Ros and Nick. This helps a lot to understand where Nick stands in all of this, and to be honest, the author does a great job putting him in a sympathetic light. I will admit that I was wary of Nick for all of a few chapters, but by then he had won me over. I liked him, and dare I say even loved him towards the end.

Nick and Ros go through quite a lot together, and trust begins to form as their home, or prison as Ros sees it at first, burns to the ground. After nearly being eaten by zombies, and saved by Nick, this is where the trust forms for Ros. During their journey together, they bump into the nasty Pete and Justin, who we first met in Flesh, and who are disgusting, horrible men. The look they give Ros as if she’s just there for their sexual gratification made me shudder. But thankfully, Nick has a plan. He wants to head back to Blackstone, a community of people in a semi-secure town, where he was cast out along with Pete and Justin, tarnished with the same brush. He thinks it’s the only place Ros can be safe, whether he stays with her or not. I loved this about Nick, he always had her best interests at heart, and that endeared him to me.

The romance between Nick and Ros is so good. It’s alternates between cute and hot. I was totally emotionally connected to these two characters. But what I also loved was the action scenes that complimented the romance so well. This was an irrisistable combination for me.

Compared to Flesh, the writing in Skin is tighter, the dialogue is more fluent, the sex scenes are hotter and continue to be well written. Basically, Skin is just a fantastic read. Although it’s the second book in the series, it’s still set in the same zombie infested world, but with a different set of characters, so in my opinion it can definitely be read as a stand alone.

This series is getting better with each book and I can’t wait to read the third instalment, Bone, when it’s released in 2014 (eeek! so long to wait…)

Scott is now firmly placed on my auto-buy list. Skin is a fabulous, sexy, action-packed read with great characters, an amazing hero and heroine with sizzling sexual chemistry, all set in a zombie apocalyptic world… It doesn’t get much better than this.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Skin by Kylie Scott
(Flesh #2)
Erotic Zombie-Apocalyptic Romance
Momentum (Feb 2013)
Kindle Edition: 250 pages

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Gemma July 5, 2013 at 8:10 am

Oooh, this sounds so awsome. I agree, with the synopsis, it sounded like this book may have gone down another path. Yet, from your review it sounds like a proper bond is formed between the two leads. Great Review. Once the pennies come in, I may just pick up this and Flesh


Carolyn July 5, 2013 at 10:04 am

I have a feeling, now you’re more familiar with zombies, you would love this series. Skin is just brilliant, but Flesh is also really good. I love Scott’s writing style.


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