Take it Like a VampTake it Like a Vamp by Candace Havens
Entangled Publishing (July 2012)
Ebook (282 pages)
Paranormal Romance

Take it Like a Vamp follows the story of Casey and Nick. Nick is a billionaire business tycoon and a vampire that was born in the Middle Ages. As one of the oldest vampires, he rules the Supernatural Council and now is being ordered to find a mate or a mate will be found for him. Little does he know that his evil ex, Alvinia is out of exile and wants to rekindle their marriage and she will kill anything that gets in her way.

Casey is a graphic designer and has been Nick’s next door neighbor ever since her parents died and she moved in with her Uncle and now Aunt Teddie. She loves nothing more than curling up with her best friend Nick and watching trash TV. She has always wanted more than a friendship, but she fears that if she asks for more it would ruin the great relationship that they have.

I enjoyed this novel from the very beginning. Straight from the off I loved Casey. She is not your typical woman in a romance novel. When it comes to her figure she is on the larger side of curvy and when it comes to her personality, she is hilarious, sassy and independent. She had me laughing from the start. Another thing I liked about her was the fact that she had a tendency to accidentally embarrass herself constantly. Within the first few pages of the novel, Nick goes round to her apartment with a bottle of wine in hand for her to try. She was just getting out of the shower and she wrapped a towel around herself. However, didn’t realize that her nether regions were exposed when she went out to speak to him. Little blunders like this kept me laughing all the way through the novel. Unfortunately for me, I read that part on the bus. Towards the middle of the novel, I started to dislike Casey a tad. Her decisions became based around sex and not the fact that she loved Nick. This was short-lived, though.

Nick is a very serious character. When he is at events and at council meetings, he only has one thing on his mind – getting back to Casey. He has loved her since the moment he first saw her but he thinks that she is not interested in him. When he is with Casey, the façade melts away and he becomes caring and sensitive. I found that his character was well developed. We discovered that he was a Vrykolakas – this is when a werewolf has been bitten and changed in to a vampire. This explained his personality traits such as his kindness and need to look after the people he loves as he has kept his humanity from his werewolf side.

Apart from the relationship that we see pan out between Nick and Casey, we also see their battle with Alvinia. This is one aspect of the novel I thoroughly enjoyed as I loved seeing how the centuries old argument came to be and how she is hell-bent on getting revenge. To be honest, I would have liked to have seen more of it. Maybe even a small insight into the marriage between Nick and Alvinia.

One of my favourite characters from this novel was Linc – Nick’s brother. He is a fashion designer and like Nick, loved Casey from the minute he saw her but maybe more in a brotherly way. He is fiercely protective over her to the extent to where he says that he will kill Nick if he hurts her and that he himself will claim her if he doesn’t. I loved these parts of his personality.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending of this one. I liked the ending for Nick and Casey’s relationship, but I don’t think there was a true conclusion when it came to Alvinia. She is still lurking in the background, you never know, she may come back to bite them…


As a paranormal romance with a pinch of spice, I really enjoyed this one. The portrayal of the conflicts was good even though I would have liked to have seen more, I loved the development of the characters and the relationships. I would recommend this to people who are moving on from a YA paranormal into more adult paranormal romances.

RATING: 3halfstars

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eightbitbrit July 19, 2013 at 9:45 pm

This book sound like a lot of fun, I like the part-vampire part-werewolf switch up


Alex July 20, 2013 at 8:11 pm

It was :) I really enjoyed it and recommend it to lovers of the PR genre :)


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