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CLAIMED - Final CoverClaimed introduces us to the owner of the exclusive BDSM dungeon, Club Sin, Dmitri and his new submissive, Presley. I’ll admit this was a bit hard for me to pick. I’m pretty fond of every steamy scene in Claimed, as each one gives something to the characters. But this scene was Presley’s first experience with BDSM, and because of that it’s a special one.

First, we get to see Dmitri at work with a submissive and how absorbed he becomes. And it was the first look at how Dmitri earns Presley’s submission. The scene could have been writing in a hundred different ways, but I gotta admit, I have a major crush on how Dmitri handles Presley. He’s careful, gentle, yet there is an underlying dominant edge to him sitting right there that makes me melt.

Dmitri turned to Presley. Her gaze had heated some with his playful touch, and moisture coated her lower lips. “What’s the club’s safe word, if you need it?”


“That’s right. Use that word, and it’s a dead stop to our scene.” He slid one finger between her damp folds.

Once he settled in nice and deep, he groaned at her tightness, and her breath deepened. He swirled his finger within her silky skin, then he pumped his finger in twice. The squeeze of her pussy around his finger delighted him. The dark seductive look she gave urged him on.

With his free hand, he gathered up both of her wrists and pinned them to her stomach. Her body jerked as if her blood were too hot for her veins—a clear sign that bondage would arouse her. Her cheeks were bright red, eyes wide and accepting of the pleasure, and her musk swept through his nostrils, tightening his groin.

He loved the wild look of her, but he wasn’t quite ready to send her there. He withdrew his finger and she whimpered. Last night clearly had been as long for her as it had been for him. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one sexually frustrated. Too bad for him, tonight was just for Presley.

Keeping those wrists tight in his hands, he leaned in toward her and murmured in her ear, “Presley, you’re going to come so hard, you’ll wonder where your muscles have gone.” He backed away to see her eyes flaring with desire. “But I decide when and how you’ll get there.” He released her wrists, noticing the dimming of color in her cheeks. “While I’m tempted to bind your hands at your back, we haven’t gained that type of trust, and I want you to feel safe tonight. Instead, I’m going to bind them in front of you.” He waited for her “yes, sir” before he continued. “Be warned, if you attempt to stop me in any way, I’ll bind them at your back without hesitation. Do not mistake my generosity for weakness, Presley.”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered.

What I love about Dmitri is even though he has this gentle side to him that shows his understanding of Presley, it’s not be forgotten that she had come to CLUB SIN to enjoy kink and to submit to the CLUB SIN Masters. And believe me, I enjoyed watching Dmitri both understand her nervousness, but also used it to his advantage to heighten her scene. It’s that mind play between a Dom and a submissive that I find sexy and intriguing. Dmitri gains her submission in a way that will work for Presley, but he also puts the control in his hands, and that caring nature to him makes him an endearing Dom to me.

Leaving her there in a muddle of arousal, he grabbed his cowhide flogger with black tails off the cart. He turned to her and bit back a groan, as blood rushed to his cock so fast. Her sexy nude body, with a single black rope around her hip as she waited patiently for him, made this submissive a piece of perfection.

“Look at the floor.” He joined her on the platform, flicked her hair off her silky back, then slid the leather tails of the flogger along her bare flesh. “Do not watch me.” As he straightened, she glanced at the dark wood in the line of her gaze.

Standing over her, Dmitri studied her harsh breaths, grinning at her increasing tension, which was exactly why he’d taken away her right to look. Watching her squirm and build anticipation, while totally exposed, mesmerized him.

Right down to it, I chose this as my favorite scene because I love this exchange between Presley and Dmitri, as so much happened to both of them during this scene. What could have been an intense BDSM scene that included flogging ended up being so much more. Yes, it’s about the heat between them. Yes, it’s about the kinky exchange. But within that, trust is formed between two people, emotions begin to alter into something different, and both Dmitri and Presley are changed people from one experience together. Total HOT sigh worthy stuff, right?

Remaining on his knees, he raised the flogger, and in a steady pattern, he deepened the color of her skin. Every hit softened her, the tails swiping along her flesh earning sweet accepting groans, almost as if it released a part of her that needed relief. She wasn’t gasping out in pain, and he wasn’t flogging her to warrant it. The speed and pressure with which he came at her were simply an erotic way of rousing her body.

When he flogged her on the sweet spot right below her ass cheek, she gave him a lovely shiver, then he caressed down her wet folds. “Right there, aren’t you?”

Another moan.

“All right, doll, I’ll send you flying.”

Placing one foot flat on the platform for support while he knelt behind her, he pushed his fingers through her needy flesh. Then he sent the flogger down on her bottom in heavy whacks and thrust his fingers into her without restraint, hard pounds against her hot cunt.

Her eyes screwed shut before they shot wide open, filling with striking emotion, and a scream of rapture ripped from her throat. As if, for the first time in her life, she had completely let herself go.

“You will ask to come, Presley,” he told her.

Another strike on her ass had her all but vibrating, and she arched in to the flogger. He glanced at her body as she shook and quivered. Then he looked to her pretty eyes, and as she whispered, “Can I come for you, Master?,” something sweet and pure passed in the air between them.

A slow heat slid through his veins at the sound of Master from her lips, causing him to pause. Was it her soft voice making that word sound different, the transparency now in her soul, or the way her expression pleaded for him to take her to a place she’d never gone.

Shaking the questions from his mind, he refocused himself. He ran his hand over her red ass, feeling the heat of her skin against his palm, and at the same level of force she found sensation in, only at a quicker speed, he flogged the beauty.

On the third strike, he thrust his fingers into her hot folds and found a home inside all her lovely wetness. He thrust his fingers, hard and fast, and he didn’t give her the chance to refuse his demand of orgasm. “Come for me now, Presley.”

Her back arched, her pussy went into strong convulsions around his fingers, and her scream of release carried him to a place equally high as she journeyed.

With a final screech of satisfaction, she crashed from her orgasm, an exhausted, perfect submissive. Dmitri stood, holding the flogger in his hand, and time had stopped. All that remained was him, her, and the sound of her Master echoing in his ears.


Stacey Kennedy is an urban fantasy lover at heart, but she also enjoys losing herself in dark and sensual worlds. She lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, who gave her a happily-ever-after. Together, they have two small children who can always make her smile, and who will never be allowed to read Mommy’s books. If she’s not plugging away at a new story, you’ll find her camping, curling up with the latest flick, or obsessing over Sons of AnarchySupernatural, True Blood and Lost Girl.

To find out more about Stacey and her books, visit her website, www.staceykennedy.com. You can also connect with her on Twitter (@Stacey_Kennedy) and Facebook.

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