[color-box]Never Deal with Dragons by Lorenda Christensen (DRACIM #1)
Carina Press (22 July 2013), Ebook: 209 pages, Paranormal romance
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Rating: 3stars[/color-box]

never deal with dragons

Myrna Banks works for a mediation firm. It is her job to get humans compensated for any damages done by the dragons that now rule the world. She is dealing with a sobbing pregnant dragon when Trian, her old boyfriend walks through the door. He walked out on her two years ago and took with him some classified documents that got her demoted. He is in her office at the request of North America’s reigning dragon to help negotiate a treaty with a rival dragon lord.

It took me a while to actually write this review because I was not sure how I really felt about the book. The story has a decent plot. I liked the idea of trying to prevent a war between two dragons. I liked the intrigue. I actually liked most of the characters. The whole idea of dragons appearing as a by-product of a genetic experiment was pretty cool. The fact that they ruled the world because they are stronger and more powerful. I can live with that. I liked the fact that only a few people can actually speak to the dragons.

What I didn’t like was the love story. Myrna is a smart, ambitious woman. She made a mistake a few years before and has been trying to work her way out of it. So tell me, why the hell would you let your ex, that totally screwed you over, back into your life? I get that he was protecting a big secret but he never even checked on her after he walked out with those documents. It almost got her fired, did get her demoted, and turned into the boss’ workhorse. When Trian finds out, he still acts like a jerk because “he had a good reason.” I really think it sends off the wrong message – let the guy screw you over and come back, if he has a good reason…

So I will, probably, read another book in this series. I do like the world that is being created here, I just didn’t like the love story part of this particular book.


A decent attempt at a new world ruled by dragons. I loved the dragons and most of the characters, however the love story just did not appeal to me, and the plot twists were pretty predictable. This series does have a future on my bookshelf, if the author keeps her heroines from turning into doormats when it comes to love.


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Laura September 29, 2013 at 7:22 pm

Hmmm as you said it sounds like this book has some really clever elements and the world building sounds fab. But I think I’m going to have to agree although I haven’t read this book, the love story would annoy me too. I think I shall wait for your review on the next book, because I do love dragons! :)


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