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Welcome to our Monday Mashup feature, it’s Laura here. This week I’m talking Bitten by Kelley Armstrong (again), because I’m kind of getting mega excited about the TV show now, Carrie the remake, rewrites (ugh!) and a man that had a truly phenomenal love of books. I hope you enjoy!

Bitten Trailer

I have to start this month’s Monday Mashup with something I’m so excited about I might pee my pants! I’m actually so excited, I may have to very well go back and re-read Elena’s books. Here is a trailer Kelley Armstrong only tweeted about this week for the new Bitten TV series. Now, I totally love the books, so I was a bit nervous about this being made into a TV series, but holy guacamole it looks soooo good. SyFy has picked up the rights to the series, so I really hope we get this in the UK.

Spoiler TV

Coffee Shop Carrie Prank

To promote the remake of Stephen King’s Carrie, filmmakers set up a hoax in a coffee shop. Making all the customers believe that a girl who had coffee spilt on her laptop was having a telekinetic freak out. Watch the video honestly, it’s really well done and worth watching for the customer’s faces :-). All the people at the tables are actors, it’s just the people buying coffee at the counter who are not in on it.


Carrie Trailer

While we’re taking about Carrie, the coffee shop prank video made me want to go and check out the trailer for the new movie. I don’t know, I do think it loves good and while perhaps it’s slightly tame by today’s standards, I still think the original is pretty awesome. It was actually one of the first horror films I ever saw. This will definitely be a wait for DVD one for me.

Alexander McCall Smith to Rewrite Emma

I’m afraid I might have to get on my soapbox here. Why, why oh why do people have to keep rewriting the classics?! There has been a serious spate of them, including dreadful ones with zombies and all sorts. I came across this article on the Bookseller which says Alexander McCall Smith (author of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency) is going to tackle Emma, but additionally Joanna Trollope is tackling Sense and Sensibility and Curtis Sittenfield Pride and Prejudice. They don’t need rewriting… Leave them alone! Argh!


The Bookseller

The Man With 59,000 Books

This story is kind of sad and kind of wonderful too. The fourteenth son of a man who wouldn’t let his children read anything but the bible, Lawrence L. Thomas fell in love with books. He used to read them in solitary fields or the outhouse so he wouldn’t get caught. He loved them so much that by the time he died at the age of 88, his house with filled with one of the largest private collection of books – 59,000! He had so many that rooms in house didn’t have any furniture, just books. He cared very much for his books, leaving de-humidifiers running all the time and all of his collection was careful recorded in spiral notebooks, along with their location in the house.


Small selection of books in the basement (Photo © Mary Winchester)

Now that is an amazing and wonderful dedication to his love of books, I’m sure he probably drove his family crazy, but I just couldn’t help smiling at this story and hope his books find wonderful homes after his death and will be as loved as they were by Mr. Thomas.

Huffington Post

Classic Ereader Covers

I came across these very cute new Ereader covers from Truffle Shuffle this week, they are covers in the designs of classics as they are held in The British Library. How fab are they? Definitely one for the Christmas list I think ;).

Grimms Fairy Tales eReader Case

Truffle Shuffle

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a lovely Monday!


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Kearstie October 15, 2013 at 3:17 pm

The Bitten trailer looks good!! You know, it’s a mild travesty that I have never read a Kelley Armstrong book. I shall now go rush to read one so that I won’t be behond for the tv show!!

And I WANT one of those awesome ereader covers!!! Please?! lol


Laura October 19, 2013 at 1:15 pm

OMG you haven’t read a Kelley Armstrong? Read Bitten I love it, one of my faves! Go on, like right now! 😉 x


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