Dangerous Decisions

I sometimes think that if I could choose to be born again, I would be tempted to be an English aristocrat during the golden Edwardian age – closing my mind at the future horror of WW1 and the widespread poverty – this is only a dream you understand. I am sure I am not alone in yearning for the elegant clothes of this era, the glamour, the glorious surroundings in which the wealthy spent their lives. And I used to love the enormously popular TV series Upstairs/Downstairs. And so when…

Is This Love

I am pleased to welcome Sue Moorcroft to the blog today. Sue is the author of a number of stand alone contemporary romance novels such as Starting Over, Dream a Little Dream, Want to Know a Secret? and All That Mullarkey. Her latest novel, Is This Love?, is out now, published by Choc Lit. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a copy of All That Mullarkey. Without further ado, please give Sue a warm welcome as she lists her Top 10 ways to spot whether your love is The…

Angel Unraveled

Book Chick City’s Where Stories Are Made feature is where an author takes us on a tour of their writing place, be it an office, coffee shop or park and tells us about their writing day and rituals, along with a few photos. We all like to be a bit nosey sometimes, don’t we? Today’s guest is Tamela Buhrke. Tamela is the author of the urban fantasy series, The Watcher. The first book, Angel Unraveled, is available now. In a change from the regularly scheduled programming of a written description on…

Shhh be quiet

Everyone has their boundaries when it comes to what they read, listen to or watch. Without this, life would be boring, and we would all be reading, watching or listening to the same things. As the saying goes, “One man’s meat, is another man’s poison.” Yet, without a least trying to broaden our horizons, how do we know if we will like these topics? With more and more popular authors beginning to delve into new territories or genres, the walls of what we would normally see as deal breakers can begin…

Werewolf Image

Have you ever been in your local pub or nightclub and noticed a guy who seems to have an overabundance of body hair? Is that grizzly, gruff looking dude you saw at the petrol station just someone who works outdoors, or is he something more sinister? Have you noticed your beau is slightly different from the other guys you’ve dated, especially in the bedroom department? *Grrrrrr* Fear not, for here are ten signs that will help you decide if your husband, boyfriend, significant other could be of the werewolf variety….

Ex-Heroes UK cover

[color-box]Ex-Heroes By Peter Clines (Ex-Heroes #1) Del Rey (11 July 2013), Paperback: 310 pages, Post-Apocalypse / Zombie Website • Series Listing • Amazon UK / US Rating: [/color-box] Ex-Heroes attempts to mash together two of the hottest genres of the big screen, superheroes and zombies. This original idea succeeds in some ways but fails in others. This results in a reasonably enjoyable read, but it still had a few issues I found difficult to overcome. The plot of the book is centred on a group of superheroes, trying to protect the last of the humanity…

Plus One is a Lucky Number

[color-box]Plus One is A Lucky Number by Teresa F. Morgan HarperImpulse (29 Aug 2013), Ebook: 242 pages, Contemporary Romance Website • Goodreads • Amazon UK Rating: [/color-box] Plus One is a Lucky Number was a quick, sweet read that had a lead character that I could instantly relate to. This type of romance book is one that I hadn’t read in a long and it was a really entertaining read. The book centres around Sophie, who is dreading going to her friend’s wedding alone. When she’d accepted the invite, she…


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