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Hello and welcome to a new monthly feature here on BCC. Each month I will be sharing a selection of releases I’m most looking forward to, as well as giving you all an insight into what is on my TBR pile for that month. I’d love to hear if you’re anticipating the same titles as I am! COVETED SEPTEMBER RELEASES The most exciting books I’m hoping to get my hands on this month are: 1. Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella First on the list for this months releases…


REVIEW: Dying Art by Shirley Wells

Dying Art by Shirley Wells cover

Returning to the Lancashire town of Dawson’s Clough, Dying Art by Shirley Wells marks the fifth instalment of the Dylan Scott Mystery series – a series which shows no sign of slowing down. Private investigator, Dylan Scott, is sitting in his office waiting for business when an old girlfriend of his turns up to present him with a case. Maddie Chandler’s sister, Prue, was found dead in her home in Dawson’s Clough, with the police stating that she interrupted a burglar. They aren’t treating it as a murder enquiry, but…


I absolutely adored Kendare Blake’s series, Anna Dressed in Blood, so when I found out she was writing a new series based around the Greek gods, I knew I had to get my hands on Antigoddess, the first in the Goddess War series. The book alternates perspective between goddess Athena and her brother, Hermes, and the everyday life of teenager, Cassandra, and her boyfriend, Aidan. Both Athena and Hermes are dying slowly, as Athena’s body is slowly becoming filled with feathers whilst Hermes’ is diminishing and leaving him bony and…

Changeling Dream by Dani Harper cover

Changeling Dream by Dani Harper picks up a little after the events of book one, but it is by no means necessary to have read Changeling Moon in order to understand the plot. Thirty years ago, James Macleod’s pregnant wife was murdered in their home, with James coming home too late to save her. He has blamed himself ever since, reverting to his wolf form to shut off his human emotions. His family (cue Connor from book one) have been unable to get through to him, simply trying their best…


REVIEW: The Farm by Emily McKay

The Farm

The Farm by Emily McKay takes the dystopian genre and runs with it, telling the tale of twins, Lily and Mel, as they try to escape from the Farm. The book begins with Lily and Mel having been residents at the Farm for six months, since the Ticks took over America and began killing humans by drinking their blood. No-one knows quite how the Ticks grew to be so powerful, but the Farms function almost like a boarding school, with the teenagers forced to stick to strict routines. Part of…

The Chocolate Lover's Club by Carole Matthews cover

Having never read anything by Carole Matthews before, I decided to delve in and read The Chocolate Lovers’ Club, a contemporary romance with a tasty, chocolaty twist. The book begins with an introduction to the chocolate lover’s club in the first person narration of Lucy Lombard, the founder of the group. She was one of the first to discover Chocolate Heaven, a decadent chocolate shop and café rolled into one. As a woman with a serious chocolate addiction, this place really is her heaven and refuge from the outside world,…


REVIEW: The Line by J.D. Horn

The Line by J.D. Horn cover

Kicking off the brand new Witching Savannah series is The Line by J.D. Horn, which weaves a tale of family betrayal, murder and formidable witchcraft. Mercy Taylor is the youngest member of the Taylor family, one of the oldest families in Savannah for whom witchcraft is a prominent trait. However, Mercy is the only one not to have inherited these powers, which instead went to her elder twin sister, Maisie. Maisie seemingly has it all, as the family respect her and are grooming her to be the next anchor for…




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