REVIEW: Fair Game by Taylor Keating

Fair Game - Taylor Keating

So, when we last left River Weston, she was on a post apocalyptic Earth, trying to survive. Hawk was gone. He was back in his own world, fighting a battle to get back to River, in the hope of saving her from Earth before its enforced relegation back to the Dark Ages (Okay, not quite Dark Ages, but without technology it might as well be right?). Fair Game starts off with a bang, opening with a pretty shocking prologue. From here we follow River and her brother Jake underground, to…

Christine Feehan - Lair of the Lion

Lair of the Lion comes across as a retweak of a very popular french fairy tail, Beauty and the Beast. This was one of the reasons I was very interested to read Feehan’s spin on it. Instead of France however Lair of the Lion is based in Italy, with powerful Dons, and impressive, dark Castillios. Isabella Vernaducci is determined that The Don will help her rescue her brother, the last of her family, from the dungeons of a most hated enemy. After all, The Don is the most powerful man…

What's a Girl to Do? - Aimee Duffy

[color-box]What’s a Girl to Do? by Aimee Duffy (Indecent Proposal #1) HarperImpulse (29 Aug 2013), Ebook: 119 pages, Contemporary Romance Website • Series Listing • Amazon UK Rating: [/color-box] What’s a Girl to Do? is a nice short story about a young woman, Shey Lopez, who is trying to get ahead in the world of fashion magazines, striving to become Storm’s next Editor. Shey is slogging her guts out for her boss, otherwise known as the little bitch, doing everything she can (well, almost everything…) to try and get on…

Mind Games taylor keating

[color-box]Mind Games by Taylor Keating (Guardian #2) Tor Books (24 May 2011), Paperback: 356 pages, Paranormal Romance Website • Series Listing • Amazon UK / US Rating:  [/color-box] Mind Games is the second instalment of the Guardian series, following River Weston in her journey to find out more about her natural parents and her bid to find their graves and release their spirits. At the end of Game Over we left River having defeated the Dark Lord that she had unknowingly made a bargain with for her soul, when she…


REVIEW: Game Over by Taylor Keating


Game Over by Taylor Keating (Guardian #1) Tor Books (Nov 2010) Paperback, 405 pages Paranormal Romance When I read the blurb for Game Over, initially I wasn’t sure what to make of it. It has a hunky dangerous man, (always a good start) separated from his body wafting around the place, and a computer geek girl (dubious at best) trying to create the next best thing in the tech world. Throw into that a Dark Lord and the two characters being submerged into a game that’s been created, it all…

Immortal Trust - Claire Ashgrove

Immortal Trust by Claire Ashgrove (The Curse of the Templars #3) Tor Books (March 2013) Paperback, 440 pages Paranormal Romance Warning: contains spoilers Immortal Trust is book number three of The Curse of the Templars series. I was so looking forward to reading thins after having immensely enjoyed the previous two books in the series. Although Immortal Trust didn’t grab me as much as Immortal Hope or Immortal Surrender, it was still an enjoyable read. Chloe Broussard is an archaeologist that loves her job. Having spent a lot of her time in Egypt working in…


What age range is YA?

Thoughtful Ramblings

“Thoughtful Ramblings” is a feature where we discuss bookish subjects. These posts are just our own thoughts about certain topics that may get us hot under the collar and we need a good rant or just things we want to share with fellow bloggers and readers. What Age is YA? After having read Kresley Cole’s Poison Princess, I found myself totally confused regarding the whole young adult (YA) genre, and really struggled when it came to reviewing it. I started talking to a few of the girls about it (aka…


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