Bared - Stacey Kennedy

Cora has been Master Aiden’s submissive for 2 years, but she holds a secret; she is in love with him, but can’t tell him because he is still hurting over the death of his previous lover. When feelings finally come to the surface, will Cora find everything she desires or will she be left to pick up the pieces? OMG, I loved this book, and that’s saying a lot, since the last book I read in this genre left me cold and not ever wanting to read another one like…

The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson UK cover

*Warning: Contains spoilers for the rest of the series* After the dramatic turn of events at the end of The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson takes place a year after Vin took the power at the Well and released it into the world. In that year, Vin and Elend, the newly-titled Emperor of the Final Empire, have been investigating the discoveries of the Lord Ruler’s underground storage caches, with each one containing the location of the next. The caches are filled with enough tinned food…

Author Spotlight Banner

Sarah Pinborough is a critically acclaimed horror, thriller and YA author. In the UK she is published by both Gollancz and Jo Fletcher Books at Quercus and by Ace, Penguin and Titan in the US. Her short stories have appeared in several anthologies and she has a horror film Cracked currently in development and another original screenplay under option. She has recently branched out into television writing and has written for New Tricks on the BBC and has an original series in development with World Productions and ITV Global. Sarah…

The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson UK cover

*Warning: Contains spoilers for book one* After the shocking conclusion of The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson resumes with the action in the city of Luthadel after the revolution. With the Lord Ruler vanquished, control of the city has fallen to Elend Venture, the young nobleman who has ideals of freeing the skaa workers from their poverty and establishing a semblance of equality from the former feudal system. At the opening of the novel, he is unsure about how to rule the central dominance, often relying…


Olivia Taylor-Jones is Chicago heiress earmarked for a life of philanthropy and marriage to a similarly well-bred politician. Her future is stifling, even by her sheltered standards – that is, until the media uncovers her true heritage. It’s in pursuit of a juicy scoop that a paparazzo unwittingly reveals to Olivia that her beloved father and distant mother aren’t her biological parents. Her real parents are some of America’s most notorious serial killers, and she wasn’t adopted until she was almost three… With high society clambering to get away from…

Gargoyle Addiction

Karla is not a happily ever after type of girl. She is more the light and casual type, seeing as how she is cursed to die before her 35th birthday. On her 24th birthday her best friend gives her the best gift in the world, to a readaholic, an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of the newest book in her favorite series. Holy Cow! What a best friend! I need some friends like that (hint hint). My connection with Karla was instantaneous from the moment I read her thoughts about the…

Moonlight - Lisa Kessler

Let me just start by saying that Moonlight was a well-written, character-driven, thunderstorm of a book, and I absolutely loved getting lost in its well-penned pages. This book has landed itself on my favorites shelf, and I don’t see it losing its place there anytime soon. Moonlight is the first book in Lisa Kessler’s new Moon series, and it started off with a bang. And a growl. And a hiss. Teehee… see what I did there? Lana doesn’t know what happens to her whenever the moon disappears; she just knows…




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