**Warning: contains spoilers** Lorrie has finally returned to school after taking three semesters off. Her mother was murdered by her stepfather and her dad spiraled into alcohol and depression until he committed suicide. The only people Lorrie has left in the world are her aunt and her friend, Daniela. Her first day back, she falls into the lake and is rescued by Hunter, the hottest playboy on campus. Lorrie is one totally messed up heroine and honestly, who could blame her? Both her parents have died tragically in the past…

Slick as Ides by Chanse Lowell cover

Slick as Ides by Chanse Lowell was my first foray into erotic romance, and I have to say that this wasn’t the best book to get me started. Ides is an incredibly intelligent computer hacker and inventor, worth millions of dollars and currently undergoing a lawsuit that claims one of her inventions can be used criminally rather than for good. She is a recluse, intensely shy about the outside world as a result of her germ phobia, which makes her frequently use hand sanitizer and clean every inch of her…


Sisters Celine and Amelie Fawe learned to take care of themselves at a young age. Orphaned as children, the two developed a symbiotic relationship – Celine brings money to the household by running their late mother’s apothecary shop and pretending to reading peoples futures, while Amelie protects them with her sword. Though Celine is a fraud, she is well known for her skill as a seer. Her acting skills are a blessing at first, but eventually word spreads beyond the village, bringing unwanted attention down on the sisters. They are…

Countess Dracula by Guy Adams cover

Taking the concept of vampires and old legends and inserting them into the bloodthirsty world of Hollywood is the latest release based on old Hammer movies, Countess Dracula by Guy Adams. The book begins simply, with a bus company that offers tourists a guided tour of the Hollywood hills, featuring the houses of the rich and famous of both past and present. It is when driving past an old, derelict house that one of the patrons asks the bus to stop, and offers to regale the passengers with the story…

Deceiving the Witch Next Door

The StorieBook Cafe. Where Happy Endings Begin. Storie Bell’s has a dream; a bookstore of her own, in her hometown. When her father passes away and leaves her his old gas station, it is just what she needs to fulfil her dream. If only Reid Malone would leave her alone. Reid really isn’t interested in romance, he just wants to find the missing ingredient to his father’s moonshine recipe and leave town once and for all. Storie is a witch. She does not have much control when it comes to her…


REVIEW: Outlaw by Nicole James


Outlaw by Nicole James Self-published (April 2013) Ebook, 416 pages Contemporary / Biker Romance Outlaw read like a piece of Sons of Anarchy (SOA) fan fiction than a novel in its own right. I have googled it to see if is, but haven’t been able to find anything to confirm, but if Ms James isn’t a big fan of the series then I will eat my hat! Let’s start with the main character Cole, described as: …blonde hair falling past his collar, golden facial hair growing along his jaw and…

The Waiting Game by Eve Devon

The Waiting Game by Eve Devon Entangled Publishing (May 2013) Ebook, 243 pages Romantic Suspense I have to say, the premise of this book didn’t exactly capture me from the get-go. In a market saturated with all kinds of variations on this exact plot, I was counting on the romance to pull me across the line into fandom. Alas, it was not to be. Brooke Bennet used to live the glamorous life of a famous musician – her success was as big as her personality. Then a madman stole her…




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