Affliction - Laurell K. Hamilton

Affliction is book 22 in the Anita Blake series, and it’s a series I have a love to hate relationship with. I’ve nearly given up on it a couple of times, but there is something quite compelling about Hamilton’s writing. The last couple of books before this one have been an improvement, I really enjoyed Hit List, then felt that Kiss the Dead took a bit of a step backwards. But, the good news is that Affliction is undoubtedly one of the best books in the series in a long…


Crystal Cove is book four in Lisa Kleypas’s contemporary romance series that each have a paranormal twist. Crystal Cove is perhaps the most paranormal of the series so far and Justine our heroine is a witch. We’ve met Justine before in books two and three of the series, in the books she had a biker boyfriend who she had broken up with in Crystal Cove. The previous three books have followed the love stories of the brothers and Crystal Cove breaks out from this opening the story to other characters…

Snowbound with the CEO by Shannon Stacey cover

At only 66 pages long, Snowbound with the CEO by Shannon Stacey is a brief contemporary romance with all the magic of the festive season. Adrian Blackstone is the CEO of a property renovation company, and is desperate to clinch a deal with a new client. In pursuit of the deal, he and his executive assistant, Rachel Carter, are staying at a hotel in Vermont awaiting the client’s arrival. She is the best assistant he’s ever had, paying close attention to detail in every case and always coming up with…

Lady Jenny's Christmas Portrait by Grace Burrowes cover

Despite not having read this series in order, there is nothing in Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait by Grace Burrowes that might spoil the previous books in the Windham series, making this an easy read for the festive season. The book begins with portraitist Elijah Harrison seeking entrance to the prestigious Royal Academy of Artists. However, his portfolio is lacking portraits of children, of which the Academy board would like to see to show that he can capture every aspect of life. To rectify this, he finds himself commissioned to paint…

Fair Game - Taylor Keating

So, when we last left River Weston, she was on a post apocalyptic Earth, trying to survive. Hawk was gone. He was back in his own world, fighting a battle to get back to River, in the hope of saving her from Earth before its enforced relegation back to the Dark Ages (Okay, not quite Dark Ages, but without technology it might as well be right?). Fair Game starts off with a bang, opening with a pretty shocking prologue. From here we follow River and her brother Jake underground, to…


Warning: If you haven’t read the first two books in this series, the following review may contain spoilers. Society maven Cherry St.Croix finds her circumstances radically altered after the events of the last installment in Karina Cooper’s The St.Croix Chronicles. Her new husband is dead – murdered by her rival – and with him any desire she had to retire from life as a collector (bounty-hunter). Facing a widow’s confinement, she fled London-Above-the-Drift seeking sanctuary below in the infamous Midnight Menagerie. Indebted to its owners, the Karakash Veil, and thoroughly…

The Curse Keepers

Having never read anything by Denise Grover Swank before I didn’t really know what to expect going into The Curse Keepers. The synopsis was definitely interesting and promised not only action but also romance and mystery. Having finished the novel it’s undeniable that these things were delivered to an extent, but it wasn’t quite the experience I expected. It’s made abundantly clear from the outset that Ellie has issues; she refuses to serve Collin at first when he turns up at the café she works in although she has no…




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