Poison promise cover

This review does not contain spoilers for Poison Promise but may contain spoilers for earlier books in the series I’m going to get it out there straight away and say that I LOVE this series. I like nothing better than a kick ass heroine who is funny and protects those she loves, and boy, does Gin tick those boxes. Gin is back and better than ever in this 11th instalment of the Elemental Assassin series and I was so relieved that we also finally meet the mysterious M.M. Monroe after…

Scorched - Erica Hayes

I haven’t read anything by Erica Hayes before, but after reading a few reviews for Scorched, and seeing that it was on NetGalley for review, I decided to give it a go. And I’m so pleased I did. After the first chapter I realised that this was going to be my kind of book. The author pulls no punches; the writing is gritty, witty and dark – just the way I like it. The heroine, Verity Fortune, aka The Seeker, is complex and slightly damaged, but completely badass. She’s a…

Long Live the Queen by Kate Locke cover

*Warning: Contains spoilers for previous books in the series* Everyone’s favourite goblin queen is back in Long Live the Queen by Kate Locke, the third and final book in The Immortal Empire series. After the harrowing and bloodthirsty conclusion to book two, Xandra Vardan is hoping that she can finally settle down into life as the goblin queen of England, making a life with her werewolf partner, Vex. However, things never go to plan where Xandra is concerned, with her world being turned upside down when Vex is attacked by…

On the Surface

I’ll start this review with something of a disclaimer – I love hockey. I only recently started to go and see my local team but it has turned into what you could call an obsession and since I started going I have been diligently looking for hockey based romance. That might not seem like much of a disclaimer, but I will say that it’s difficult to find one that gets the balance between the romance and the sport right as well as being well-written. On the Surface delivered on all…

One Night in Italy by Lucy Diamond cover

A contemporary romance inspired by all things Italian, One Night in Italy by Lucy Diamond is the perfect summer holiday read for 2014. The novel follows the stories of three different women who become connected via their decision to join an Italian language class. First up is Anna, a journalist for the local paper who once had dreams of working for the national press. Now, although she enjoys her job, she is tied down with Pete, who has become a habit instead of a boyfriend, and who likes to record…

The Three by Sarah Lotz UK cover

With the recent spates of terrorism across the globe, Sarah Lotz’s The Three plays with paranoia and conspiracy to ask ‘what if’ and ‘why’ about a global disaster that is not as improbable as it sounds. The book begins with the narrative perspective of Pamela May Donald, an American on a Japanese flight to visit her daughter. When the plane crashes down she sees a boy, and is conscious long enough to record some dying words on her phone. This boy is Hiro, the only survivor from the plane which…

The Wicked We Have Done by Sarah Harian UK cover

[color-box]The Wicked We Have Done by Sarah Harian (Chaos Theory #1) Headline (18 Mar 2014), Ebook: 272 pages, New Adult / Science Fiction Website • Series Listing • Amazon UK / US Rating:  [/color-box] The Wicked We Have Done by Sarah Harian is the first in the Chaos Theory series, and I have to say that this has been my favourite book to read so far this year. The book begins with heroine Evalyn Ibarra, who has been sentenced to a one month stretch in a Compass Room, following her…




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