The S-Word by Chelsea Pitcher

In a young adult novel that explores high school life and the importance of reputation, The S-Word by Chelsea Pitcher becomes an exciting mystery that is more about revenge and retribution than exposing the truth. Of course, finding the truth is a large part of this book as we follow the perspective of Angie, whose best friend Lizzie committed suicide a few days ago. This came after Angie found Lizzie in bed with her boyfriend Drake on prom night, suffering the ultimate betrayal at the hands of her best friend….

Widow's Web

WARNING: while this review keeps spoilers for Widow’s Web at a minimum… there are spoilers for earlier books in the series. She’s done it again. Jennifer Estep has managed to create an absolute masterpiece of Urban Fantasy, filled with action packed scenes, a good dollop of humour and topped off with a light dusting of romance.  All in all, the perfect recipe for an amazing read. Our lead throughout this series is Gin Blanco, assassin, elemental and chef extraordinaire. Up until she killed her arch enemy Mab Monroe a few…

Kickboxing Gloves

I’ve exercised most of my life, with varying degrees of dedication. There have been times where it’s been an obsession, so much part of my life that I couldn’t imagine life without it. But there have been times when, for one reason or another, exercise has taken a back seat and I haven’t exercised at all. Right now I’m in the middle. I exercise around 3-4 times a week, which consists of a long walk of 8-10 miles on a Sunday, my new kickboxing class, a running day, and a toning day….

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Thoughtful Ramblings

When it comes to romance I love a good, strong alpha male hero. Yum…. They can be in kilts, armour, leathers, stetsons, or suits. You name it, I love them. However, while they are always super delicious there are some heroes that don’t know the line between alpha and, ahem, let’s just say another less polite word that begins with A. In romance I often find the line can be a very fine one. Bossy is ok if you’re trying to save my life, but not if you’re telling me how to…

The Earl's Defiant Wallflower by Erica Ridley

The beginning of a new historical romance series that deals with returning war heroes, The Earl’s Defiant Wallflower by Erica Ridley kicks off by dealing with the story of an Earl and his unlikely suitor. As many historical romances do, this novel begins at a ball for the upper classes of society, where newcomer Grace Halton is determined to find a match. She has migrated from America, where she has temporarily left her sick mother in the hopes of finding a wealthy husband that can pay for her mother’s treatment….


Weekly Roundup: 26th April 2015

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Hi Guys! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Here’s the low down on what happened at BCC this week… FEATURES & REVIEWS My First YouTube Video – Eeeek! Changes are afoot for Book Chick City! Rebecca’s Coveted Releases & TBR for April Currently Watching: Sherlock & Outlander Review: When We Were Friends by Tina Seskis (Thriller) 4 Stars Review: Hot Head by Demon Suede (M/M Romance) 2.5 Stars Review: Killing the Dead by Marcus Sedgwick (YA Horror) 4 Stars CAROLYN’S ROUNDUP This week has been pretty eventful. I announced forthcoming changes to Book Chick City,…


My First YouTube Video – Eeeek!


OMG, this is so scary, but here is my first YouTube video. It’s more of an intro really as I had NO idea what to do. I just thought, get the first one done and out of the way and hopefully the others will follow more easily. That’s the theory anyway. I forgot to say quite a bit in this video, and although I said I wasn’t sure what my channel will be about, I do know that some of the content will be videos that compliment my blog, so…





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