Curtain Call by Anthony Quinn

An exciting new novel that mixes history with both mystery and romance, Curtain Call by Anthony Quinn is a well-researched novel of the 1930s. The book begins with West End stage actress, Nina Land, meeting renowned artist, Stephen Wyley, for a hotel room tryst. Upon leaving the room, Nina interrupts an attempted murder in another room, allowing the victim to escape and giving her a glance at the potential killer. It soon transpires that she is a witness to the identity of the Tie-Pin Killer, who has recently been killing…

Hollywood Strip by Shamron Moore

Upon opening Hollywood Strip by Shamron Moore, I was expecting a fun tale of romance and celebrity, and was disappointingly met with more of the ‘strip’ part of the title. The book begins with an introduction to the protagonist, Callie Lambert, and her recent move to LA from her dreary hometown in Michigan. This first scene dives straight into nudity as Callie strips off in a photo shoot for Coquette magazine, later to learn that her efforts were in vain as they have gone with another model. She is desperate…

In the Shadow of Blackbirds

Although I had wanted to read In the Shadow of Blackbirdssince I saw it on a blog somewhere, I really didn’t know what to expect when I opened it. The synopsis is intriguing but it doesn’t give a whole lot away – which I came to see as a good thing the further I read. Mary Shelley Black lives in a time of upheaval and her personal life isn’t any less hectic; her mother isn’t around, her father has been imprisoned as a traitor, and her sweetheart, Stephen, has left to…

The Black Wolves

The Black Wolves (The Black Wolves Trilogy #1) Orbit (10 November 2015) Website || Goodreads || Facebook || Twitter Some choices can never be undone. The Hundred, once ruled by a tainted religion and demon court, is now a place of prosperity, but treachery still waits in the shadows. Once the captain of the elite Black Wolves, Kellas finds himself standing at a crossroads where he must decide whom to serve and whom to betray. Faithful to the king’s memory but shut out from his legacy, Lady Dannarah fights for…

Weekly Roundup Banner

Hi Guys! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Here’s the low down on what happened at BCC this week… FEATURES & REVIEWS Dead Simple by Shirley Wells (Mystery and Detective) 4.5 Stars The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (Crime/ Thriller) 4.5 Stars The Life I Left Behind by Colette (Crime/Thriller) 4.5 Stars Fearless by Tawny Weber (Contemporary Romance) 3.5 Stars Endurance by Jay Lake (Fantasy) 2.5 Stars Green by Jay Lake (Fantasy) 2 Stars Laura’s New Year Reading Resolutions New Series Alert: The Talon Pack by Carrie Ann…

The Snow Queen by Alana Albertson

A brief novella with all the magic of the ballet, The Snow Queen by Alana Albertson features a disappearance case that covers five years in the short novella format. The story begins five years ago at the annual Cambridge Ballet performance of The Nutcracker, with their Sugar Plum Fairy, Svetlana, having disappeared without trace straight after the performance. Since then, a ballet dancer has disappeared each year after The Nutcracker’s closing night, despite the increase in police protection around the theatre. Protagonist, Nieves Alba, was a dancer in that first…

Dead Simple - Shirley Wells

*Warning: May contain spoilers for previous books in the series* With this eighth instalment to the series, I’m pleased to say that Dead Simple by Shirley Wells proves that the Dylan Scott Mystery series is far from losing its charm. Anyone who has read the previous books will remember ‘Simple’ Stevie, the friendly local of Dawson’s Clough who helped Dylan to solve his first case. He was harmful enough, liking nothing better than wandering the streets of the town and collecting interesting newspaper clippings. However, now Stevie has been murdered…




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