I am not ashamed to admit I have loved all of the Twilight books and films. Perhaps not to the crazed heights some fans reached, but enough to have read the books more than once. The films are often on my comfort watching list too. Which meant when the sudden and slightly unexpected release of Life and Death was announced I was unable to resist purchasing it, despite its exorbitant price (£9.99 for an ebook – really?). The book is a retelling of Twilight with all of the characters gender swapped….

Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts

Having read a crime novel by Nora Roberts before, I was unsure what to expect when I received a copy of her new fantasy series, Stars of Fortune. The book begins with Sasha Riggs, a dream seer whose visions predict the future or provide potentially vital warning signs. For the last few weeks she has been having recurring dreams of a group of six individuals (herself included) who each seem to be working together against a powerful force. She is an artist and paints her visions, keen to know exactly…


Carolyn’s Top 5 Lip Balms/Butters


I am obsessed with lip balms/butters. It’s probably the one product that I will chuck in my shopping basket without a second thought. If it’s in a pretty tin, all the better. Over the past few months I’ve collected quite a few. Not a humungous amount but enough to have found my holy grail product and those I just love. 5. Alice & Eliza Lip Balm This is such a lovely lip balm. It feels gorgeous on the lips without being too sticky, tastes nice, and gives your lips a…

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Come Back to Me by Mila Gray, Sarah Alderson - for review

Some of you may not know that Mila Gray is also Sarah Alderson, author of the Lila series, which is a fantastic YA series that I feel is very overlooked. Sarah is a fabulous writer, so when Come Back To Me landed on my doorstep, I was very excited to see what her alter ego was all about. Have you ever seen that film, Practical Magic? (Sandra Bullock and she’s a witch) Well, there’s a part in that movie where Bullock is doing some gardening and she’s waiting for the clock to…

Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

Being the huge J.K. Rowling fan that I am, I couldn’t resist heading straight to Waterstones to buy Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith, the third novel written under her masculine penname. This time around, private investigator Cormoran Strike and his assistant, Robin Ellacott, are down to their last two clients and wondering where their next stream of income is likely to come from. It is at this point that the novel gets off to a gripping start with the arrival of a package addressed to Robin and containing a…

Top Ten Banner

When Carolyn asked me if I could do a post on my top 10 romance books I was like YESSS!… this romance junkie LOVES to talk romance! I looked through my nerdy list of my favourite romance books and then it hit me, I was going to have real issues getting this list to just ten! So, what I’ve decided to do is to pick some of my favourites across a few sub categories within the romance genre, it was the only way this was going to happen. First up…

Shadows of Self - Brandon Sanderson

Having become a huge Brandon Sanderson fan in recent months, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next Mistborn book, Shadows of Self. Picking up where the previous book left off, we find Waxillium Ladrian drawn into yet another mystery in the city of Elendel, this time bringing in more mythology established in the original Mistborn trilogy. When Governor Innate’s brother is found murdered in his own home, along with all his criminally-minded party guests, there are no obvious leads to indicate how these murders were carried out….


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