Bared - Stacey Kennedy

Cora has been Master Aiden’s submissive for 2 years, but she holds a secret; she is in love with him, but can’t tell him because he is still hurting over the death of his previous lover. When feelings finally come to the surface, will Cora find everything she desires or will she be left to pick up the pieces? OMG, I loved this book, and that’s saying a lot, since the last book I read in this genre left me cold and not ever wanting to read another one like…

Thoughtful Ramblings

I find that as a reviewer the hardest books to rate are the one’s that I know are interesting, but that I didn’t enjoy. How can you give a book that’s well written, with absorbing worlds and interesting characters a low rating? But then again, how can you give a book a higher rating for it’s literature merit if you didn’t enjoy it. Indeed. A conundrum. I usually tend to give these kind’s of book a middle of the road rating of 2.5 stars or 3 stars and really state…

The Book of the Crowman by Joseph D'Lacey cover

After reading and loving last year’s Black Feathers, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Book of the Crowman by Joseph D’Lacey, the concluding book in this duology. Following on from book one, Gordon Black is still in pursuit of the elusive Crowman, the figure who will supposedly give him the answers he seeks about how to restore the earth to its natural glory. He has lost everyone and everything close to him, with the only objects he has left being his father’s knife and his bundle of…

Sunday Love-In Banner

Welcome to Sunday Love-in! This is a new feature where an author shares one of their favourite smexy-time scenes from their latest book, tells us the reason for their choice and then shares the scene with us with a delicious excerpt. Enjoy. Lorelei Stewart is the heroine of Book 2 of the Hidden Mountain series. Lorelei is single, very pregnant and trying to make a place for her and her child. Cob Thornton is the nephew of the man that Lorelei is taking care of. She doesn’t trust many people…


BOOKISH NEWS Hi, and welcome to our news feature, in which we highlight and discuss some of the news that has been big in the bookish world this week. Digital Revolution in Reverse Although more often than not, paper resources are being converted to digital in order to ensure their continuity and make them more easily accessible. However, a new scheme concocted by the people who work on Wikipedia at PediaPress is striving to raise the money needed to convert Wikipedia into a paper resource. The amount needed is around…

A Wicked Hunger

NEW SERIES ALERT A hundred years after vampires revealed themselves to the masses, the world is still recovering from the hysteria and war that devastated much of the Earth. And though peace has been brokered between the human and vampire nations, it is tumultuous at best. Orphaned at the age of ten, Coraline Conwell has struggled to survive a turbulent existence growing up alone on the harsh streets. Until a wealthy man provides an escape from her vagrant life by offering his hand in marriage. Out of place in the…


Presley has just gotten out of a long-term relationship and is looking to fulfill some of her secret fantasies. Dimitri is the owner and a Master at the exclusive, Club Sin. Presley is excited about joining the club but she is also a bundle of nerves. Dimitri manages to calm her down and fulfill her wildest dreams. Claimed is the first in the Club Sin series. I enjoyed Bared, the second book, so much, that I bought Claimed and proceeded to read it in about an hour. I just could…




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