High Tide by Veronica Henry

Bringing a bit of last minute sunshine to the British summer, High Tide by Veronica Henry gives us a snapshot of a quintessentially British coastal town. The book begins with the funerals of two of Pennfleet’s local residents, who each moved in different social circles and so offer us different lifestyles to explore. The first, Joy, was a social worker who brought cheer and goodwill to those she met, with her daughter Kate having flown back from New York for the funeral. Since leaving Pennfleet, Kate has worked her way…

Autumn Thorns - Yasmine Galenorn

FEED YOUR FICTION ADDICTION New UK Releases in Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance The following list of new releases are from UK and US publishers, however they are based on UK publication dates only. Some of the books listed have already been published in the US, and being a Brit chick, I always want to know when books will be available for me in the UK, which is why I compiled this list. Hope you find it useful. All summaries from Goodreads or Amazon AUTUMN THORNS by Yasmine Galenorn (Whisper Hollow #1…

Weekly Roundup Banner

Hi Guys! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Here’s the low down on what happened at BCC this week… FEATURES & REVIEWS Review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (Fantasy) 5 Stars Review: Secret Garden Artist’s Edition by Johanna Basford (Adult Colouring Book) 5 Stars Review: Otherworld Nights by Kelley Armstrong (Urban Fantasy) 4.5 Stars Review: A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn (Historical Mystery) 3.5 Stars Currently Watching: Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes Weekend Reads: Harry Dresden, Wizard CAROLYN’S ROUNDUP I still haven’t managed to pick up a physical book but I have…

Grave Peril - Jim Butcher

What are you reading this weekend? Anything you think we should be reading, or maybe your current read is just a bit… bleh. Whether you’re loving or hating your current read, we want to know about it! We love to hear about books (as if you didn’t know). Here’s a run down on what we’ll be reading this weekend: CAROLYN I haven’t been able to pick up a physical book for weeks as I’m still in my reading slump, but I have found an urban fantasy series to listen to…

Ashes to Ashes

We love a good TV show, especially if it’s a long running series, so we thought it would be fun to make it a bit of a feature here at BCC. Every fortnight we will be talking about the shows we are currently watching, whether they are re-runs of old classics or a shiny new series we’re excited about. This week, it’s all about Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes… REBECCA For the past few months, my boyfriend and I have been trying to watch the entirety of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, which I…

A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn

It was the cover of this book that first led me to download it from NetGalley, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when starting A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn. This book is the first in the Veronica Speedwell Mystery series, and introduces us to our kick-ass heroine and her unique profession of lepidoptery – or butterfly hunting. Veronica loves nothing more than to travel the world looking for unique species of butterfly, indulging in the occasional romantic dalliance along the way. The death of her spinster aunt at…

Secret Garden 1

Adult colouring books have recently become very popular. They’re meant to relieve stress and anxiety, they’re used as therapy, and as an outlet for those of us who maybe have limited artistic flare, able to create something beautiful without having to do the actual drawing. I bought my first adult colouring book a couple of months ago and I’ve really enjoyed the colouring-in process. It really does help me focus on something other than life. I get absorbed, and if you’re anything like me, become a a little bit obsessed, especially with keeping within the lines! The Secret…


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