Bout of Books Read-a-Thon #13

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In August last year, a few things happened in my personal life, and since then I haven’t had the concentration or motivation to read. Luckily I found audiobooks, which really helped, and I have managed to get through a few books this way. However, over the last month or so, I have started to find a little bit of my reading mojo and I’ve managed to read three physical books in the last 4/5 weeks, but as a reader who used to get through 3-4 books a week, I need a bit more motivation to get me to to where…


Somebody Stole My Twitter Handle!

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Well, they did – sort of. It was my own fault really. Here’s the story. Since I set up Book Chick City my twitter handle has always been @BookChickCity, and people have known me by that handle for about five years. However, last year I had a wobble, and I decided that I wanted all my social media to be me, not my blog name (for many reasons I won’t go into here). So I started the process of changing most of my social media. To change my twitter handle to…


Weekly Roundup: 10th May 2015

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Hi Guys! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Here’s the low down on what happened at BCC this week… FEATURES & REVIEWS Review: Dark Vision by Debbie Johnson (Urban Fantasy) 3 Stars Article: Does “50 Shades Of Grey” Have A Romance Problem? Currently Watching:  Warehouse 13 & Grimm YouTube: My Second YouTube Video Is Up! BCC News: Somebody Stole My Twitter Handle! BCC News: It’s Laura’s 5 Year Blogiversary! CAROLYN’S ROUNDUP This week I’ve been reading A Pound of Flesh by Sophie Jackson. It started out well, but I am now three quarters of the…

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We love a good TV show, especially if it’s a long running series, so we thought it would be fun to make it a bit of a feature here at BCC. Every fortnight we will be talking about the shows we are currently watching, whether they are re-runs of old classics or a shiny new series we’re excited about. This week, it’s all about Warehouse 13 and Grimm. LAURA My husband and I love nothing more than a good boxset glom. We have recently signed up for Netflix (a bit late to the party I…

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I’d like to get one thing straight right off the bat: 50 Shades Of Grey, in both book and movie form, is closer to teasing pseudo-erotica than romance. That said, there are plenty of people who want to interpret it as a romantic story, and plenty who will go right ahead and do so. It’s not necessarily a film’s responsibility to cater to the possible interpretations of its audience, but still, in this regard, this year’s 50 Shades Of Grey film adaptation had a problem. The movie’s romantic characters and…

Dark Vision by Debbie Johnson

A new urban fantasy novel with hints of new adult, Dark Vision by Debbie Johnson takes one girl’s life and turns it completely upside down. Lily McCain has never been ordinary, as she has a strange paranormal gift that allows her to see someone’s future when they come into skin-to-skin contact. The visions she sees are rarely pleasant and are most often about death, as she sees people dying of cancer or in accidents that she can’t prevent. As a result, she has isolated herself from the world and resorts…


NEW VIDEO: 14 Bookish Pet Peeves

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I wrote a post a while ago about my bookish pet peeves, so I thought it would be fun to do a video as well. A newbie mistake: After filming the video and editing it, I realised I left out number 9 – what a wally! Sorry about that guys. If you’re interested my No. 9 pet peeve is : when I have to wait an entire year for the next book in a series. Oh man, this is a killer! Click the image to access the video, or click…





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