Sharp Bite of Pleasure

…s and Terrible are complete outcasts, but when they are together, they click and feel as if they have a place in this scary and disturbing world Stacia has created that keeps readers hooked and anxious for more. Who are some of your favorite paranormal romance authors you’re addicted to reading? Sharp Bite of Pleasure blurb: Alexa Dangelis has returned home after eight long years to attend her father’s funeral and take the throne as vampire quee…


…inantly unknown actors. Caitriona has been cast alongside Sam Heughan, who was announced as Jamie Fraser earlier this year. The Starz original series will air in 2014, when we will be able to see how the two fit the roles and each other. Although I came upon Outlander only quite recently, I am really excited that it is been made into a series as it’s one of those books (and series, even) which make you a little bit obsessed. At 870 pages it


New Authors Reading Challenge 2012 hosted by Literary Escapism I love finding new authors so I’m looking forward to starting this challenge. I’m also going to use this challenge to start all the series I have been wanting to read but just haven’t gotten around to yet. See below for more info about how to join in   Timeline: 01 Jan 2012 – 31 Dec 2012 Rules: Pick 15, 25 or 50 new authors For more info or to sign u…

Thoughtful Ramblings

quite quickly black-listed by the book loving community. What author wants that? But I must go back to the fact that I do love to get a response from an author, perhaps more so if I have adored the book. But if an author thanks me because my constructive review has helped them in some way, that’s kind of awesome too. So I wouldn’t want to discourage authors from saying hi either. However, I can understand the passion of an author, it

30 Shades of Zombie

…without hesitation, while women tend to build up a little more before getting in to the action. For example, in the first draft of my novel, it was about fifteen pages before we saw any action. After having a male friend read and critique, I cut it down to have the action start about four pages in, and it made a big difference. Action is an area where women are quickly learning to hold their own, and we’re seeing a lot more in lady authors’ work…

The Bone Season

…s would likely be a particularly effective exercise when visiting a bookshop in a place which had some relevance to the novel -if Bram Stoker were alive to visit the bookshops in Whitby, they would sell even more copies of Dracula than they already do (which I suspect is quite a lot anyway). All in all I think this is a great idea – an idea that shouldn’t really need suggesting. I have only ever been to see two authors, but I bought


BOOKISH NEWS Hi, and welcome to our news feature, in which we highlight and discuss some of the news that has been big in the bookish world this week. Fifty Shades Photographed It’s been a long time coming, but Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele have finally been photographed together. Or rather Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have been – and the proof is there for all to see on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. For a long time we thought they wouldn’t make it, but the couple has been finalised. Although Dakota…




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