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Transcription of a Conversation with Special Agent Beatrice Alexander, F.R.E.A.K. NOTE: A few months ago I had the privilege of interviewing Special Agent Beatrice Alexander of the F.R.E.A.K.S. Squad for an article in Government Secrets Gazette, now defunct due to budget cuts. (The NASA gang and I say thanks from the unemployment line, Mr. President!)  Now, I’m forced to go freelance. I remained in e-mail contact with Agent Alexander in the in…

Stacia Kane - City of Ghosts UK

Today I am very excited to welcome Stacia Kane to Book Chick City. Stacia is the author of a fantastic new urban fantasy series, Downside Ghosts/Chess Putnam. She is also the author behind the fun Megan Chase paranormal romance series. If you want to know why I think Downside is one of the greatest UF series to date, read my reviews of Unholy Ghosts, Unholy Magic and City of Ghosts. Hi Stacia, thank you so much for being here and answering a fe…

‘Debut Author Spotlight’ is a new feature here on Book Chick City. We will be showcasing a debut author each month from the genres of horror, urban fantasy and paranormal romance. We will give you all the relevant book information as well as an insight into the author. This month’s spotlight is on debut young adult author… E. J. Newman Emma writes dark short stories, post-apocalyptic novels, has secured funding t…


…; or most likely on her deck overlooking the ocean, a chilled glass of sauvignon blanc in hand as the sun sets. AUTHOR VOICE by Annie Seaton Hi… Thanks for having me come by and visit. I would like to talk about author voice today… Recent comments from my editor led to some deep self reflection recently. Comments like ‘old fashioned word-replace’ made me think about the difference between author voice and the way we write our characters’ dialogu…

Elysian Fields

Bonjour, mes amies. Je m’appelle Jean…Bah. You wish this to be in English? (Makes snarly face at the lowly author transcribing his words onto a laptop, who nods.) Very well. My name is Jean Lafitte, and in the year 1806, as a young man of twenty-six, I arrived in the city of New Orleans—Nouvelle Orleans sounds so much nicer, do you not think? (Lowly author nods, since she has learned it’s much easier to just agree with whatever he says.) Within…

confessions of a chalet girl cover

Today, Book Chick City gives a warm welcome to Lorraine Wilson, author of the fun Contemporary Romance, Confessions of A Chalet Girl, published by Harper Impulse. This is Lorraine’s first novella, although she has had a short story published in the anthology, Blaze. Lorraine is here today to talk about her book and what she has in the pipeline. Hi, Lorraine, welcome to Book Chick City. Congratulations on the publication of Confessions of…

The Thing About Wolves

Today I’m pleased to welcome Leigh Evans to Book Chick City. Leigh is the author of the Mystwalker paranormal romance series. Fellow reviewer, Rebecca, has been reading and enjoying this series quite a bit (you can read her reviews here). Please give Leigh a warm welcome… For those who haven’t read the series yet, can you explain a little about the story and characters? My heroine, Hedi Peacock, is half-Fae, half-Were and all t…




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