AMAZING KINDLE DEALS Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance I have been perusing Amazon’s Kindle store again and found these amazing urban fantasy and paranormal romance deals, which I thought I would share. I’m not sure of the time limit of each book deal, so apologies if they are not free, cheap or available anymore, but they were at the time I wrote this post :)  **For my American friends I have added the link for you guys next to the price – e.g. (US)** Her Vampire Husband - Free (US) by…

…lace, be it an office, coffee shop or park and tells us about their writing day and rituals. My guest today is paranormal mystery author, Victoria Laurie… New York Times bestselling author and real-life professional psychic Victoria Laurie drew from her former career as a gifted intuitive to create the characters of Abigail Cooper and M.J. Holliday. She currently lives in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas with two spoiled dachshunds, L…

Juliet Blackwell - Secondhand Spirits

Secondhand Spirits (Witchcraft Mystery #1) by Juliet Blackwell | Signet (July 2009) Paperback, 313 pages | Paranormal Mystery Secondhand Spirits is a cosy paranormal mystery. It’s warm, inviting and cute. I had fun reading this book, the first in the Witchcraft Mystery series by Juliet Blackwell. Lily Ivory is a witch who has settled down in San Francisco after moving around for many years. She owns a vintage clothes shop and is enjoying puttin…

Janni Nell - Allegra Fairweather

Allegra Fairweather (Allegra Fairweather Mystery #1) by Janni Nell Carina Press (June 2010) | Ebook, 205 pages Paranormal Mystery I’m pretty used to the first person narrative and some of my favourite series are from the first person perspective, so while reading this book I couldn’t help comparing it to them. What I found frustrating was that Casper (Allegra’s guardian angel and love interest), seemed to have an interesting back story….


NEW SERIES ALERT I love it when paranormal is combined with mystery – especially the ‘cosy’ variety. I’ve read and enjoyed a few in this genre, they are such fun to read, and Blood Bath & Beyond looks just that. I love this cover – It’s cute but but you definitely get a feel of the supernatural with the moon in the background and the artefacts of skulls in what appears to be a creepy shop…. You can c…


…unk nerd? Or the charismatic perhaps nefarious leader of survivors? Hmm. Charismatic leaders come with a warning label. In Apocalyptic Moon, the hero is a zombie-fighting werewolf. If zombies exist why can’t werewolves? Not the ‘Werewolf of London’ type, but the oh so hot sexy alpha hero werewolf found in the pages of the numerous paranormal romance novels and movies. On a final note, if you read my book, here are the 10 things you will learn  on…

In the Shadow of Blackbirds

…much of this in daylight I can’t deny a couple of shivers went down my spine. I’m very interested in paranormal phenomena of all kinds and I felt that In the Shadow of Blackbirds offered a very realistic view of the Spiritualist craze as well as how a haunting might manifest. Can’t pinpoint this book’s genre yet? Here’s something that will absolutely not help  – not only is this historical, paranormal YA with a…




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