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Female Writers of the Zombocalypse In 2005, in a spurt of inspiration, I wrote a short story called “Tiny Fingers” while on break at work. The vivid image of a young mother staring in horror at the small hand of her zombified toddler shoved underneath the front door of her house desperately trying to reach her was so powerful I had to write the story. After posting it online and receiving some very positive feedback, I continued with the story of Jenni and Katie escaping into the Texas Hill Country….

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Immortality Scares the Bejeezus Out of Me I have never understood the allure of eternal life. The concept leaves me entirely cold. I distinctly remember the day this came to be—I must have been about ten years old. I was in my room, paging through my Bible (Precious Moments-themed —adorable, right?), looking for the gory stories, when I got sucked into a few verses talking about heaven and the afterlife. For the first time, my childish brain grasped the concept of eternity. How it truly meant forever. Unending. Never ceasing….

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Wondering What to Do With Your Life? (If you still have one) It has been brought to my attention that a large portion of my readers are at a very special time in their lives. Are you currently making important decisions about which career to follow? It’s a big decision. This being the case, I really feel I should do the stereotypically dull, ‘adult’ thing of giving you advice you never asked for. Except in this case, it’s not so dull. It could save your life. And mine. As I…


Does Writing Romance in Zombie Fiction Differ to Writing Romance in Other Genres Like most things, the big difference between writing romance in zombie fiction and writing romance in other genres comes down to sex. If you’re going to write a zombie romance, then you can’t get around it: You have to include a sex scene. The only question is do you include it early in the story or put it off as long as possible. No matter where it goes, some sensibilities are going to be offended. A human…


Can True Love Transcend Death? My name is Meghan Ciana Doidge. I am a writer. I started out writing screenplays, and more recently I’ve begun writing novels. But, no matter in what form I write, I write love stories. At times these stories are bloody, darkly comedic tales with all odds united against the hero and heroine. Often the plot includes otherworldly elements such as magic or post-apocalyptic landscapes. Some times there are zombies or zombie-like creatures. In my novel, After The Virus, these creatures, these Infected, are simply another hurdle the…

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Top Ten Things I Learned from the Contagium Trilogy Preparation is the key to survival. Have an emergency food stash, weapons, and ammo at the ready. Avoid big cities. Large human population = large zombie population. Be resourceful. Hotwiring cars, picking locks, and making Molotov cocktails in the basement with Grandpa might have gotten you arrested before the zombies, but those skills just might just save your life now. Learn how to adapt what you know. Wear appropriate clothing at all times. You don’t want to get stuck in the…


The Difference Between Male and Female Zombie Writers For years, the zombie genre has been dominated by male writers.  But, over recent years, female writers have been creeping in.  On Goodreads, there are now 69 female zombie writers listed on the Best Female Writers of Zombie Fiction!  So why have women finally started writing zombie books?  Firstly, I think it’s because women enjoy stories which place people in situations outside of their comfort zone and challenge them to be more than they ever thought they could, just as much as…




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