All Hallows Eve

YOUR FAVOURITE HALLOWEEN CHICK! Today we had a little fun and decided to dress up especially for halloween. We had a lot of fun doing it and I think all the girls did an amazing job! We asked you to vote for your favourite Halloween BCC chick, and you have spoken! Here are the results: WINNER aka QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN ZOMBIE VICKIE ****** 2ND PLACE VAMPIRE BECS ***** 3RD PLACE PROFESSOR JACK-O-LANTERN MELANIE CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!! And thank you to all who voted ALL HALLOWS EVE GIVEAWAY WINNERS (Part…

All Hallows Eve

We thought we would really get into the spirit of Halloween this year and dress up (to the best of our ability) for our All Hallows Eve event. So, what do you think of our efforts? ;D You can let us know by casting your vote for your favourite BCC chick! *we’re not competitive at all…ahem* If you want a closer look just click the image to enlarge – you have until 6pm (GMT) today to cast your vote!! **Click images to enlarge** SO, WHO’S YOUR FAVOURITE? Cast your vote…


Halloween Halloween was not a priority holiday for me as a child. I enjoyed it well enough (a life-long penchant for sweets and dressing up has to begin at some point), but it never ranked among the A-list holidays. Those few, coveted spots were dominated by Christmas and birthdays because I loved toys more than candy. Halloween served as the local opener for the big show: it had its own appeal but mainly served to set the tone for the following acts. I didn’t realize there was anything unusual about…

Fury Of Seduction

I’m very pleased to welcome Coreene Callahan to the blog today. Coreene is the author of the Dragonfury paranormal romance series published by Montlake Romance. I had fun interviewing Coreene, she’s a lovely lady, I hope you enjoy it. Hi Coreene, thanks so much for answering our questions today – it’s wonderful to have you as part of our All Hallows Eve event. Hi everybody! Thanks for inviting me to visit today. I’m thrilled I have a chance to chat with all of you! Can you tell us a bit…


33 A.D. (Bachiyr #1) by David McAfee Coelacanth Press (March 2010) | Paperback, 276 pages Horror 33 A.D. is not the usual type of book I would pick up if I saw it in a bookstore. But, one thing reviewing does do is open you up to new stories and writers. 33 A.D. takes us back to a world where vampires are evil, vile, frightening creatures in a vision that would make Stoker proud. The setting of the book is the part I found particularly clever and unique. Set in Jerusalem…


Church Graveyards: Innocent in Light, Malevolent in Darkness I live right next to a graveyard. One of those very old (it’s a Saxon church), mossy, overgrown ones, where the stones lean towards one another like gossiping women outlined in ivy. In high summer it’s all innocent, long grass and meadow flowers, full of cats and chickens scratching about or sitting on the stones in the sun. But late, late at night, when the dark is so thick that you need a stick to get through it, and the wind is kicking…


HAUNTED LEGENDS by Ellen Datlow and Nick Mamatas PUBLISHER: Tor Books RELEASE DATE: 14 September 2010 FORMAT: Paperback, 352 pages GENRE: Horror Darkly thrilling, these twenty new ghost stories have all the chills and power of traditional ghost stories, but each tale is a unique retelling of an urban legend from the world over. Multiple award-winning editor Ellen Datlow and award-nominated author and editor Nick Mamatas recruited Jeffrey Ford, Ramsey Campbell, Joe R. Lansdale, Caitlin Kiernan, Catherynne M. Valente, Kit Reed, Ekaterina Sedia, and thirteen other fine writers to create stories unlike…




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