The Book of the Crowman by Joseph D'Lacey cover

[color-box]The Book of the Crowman by Joseph D’Lacey (Black Dawn #2) Angry Robot (25 Feb 2014), Ebook: 480 pages, Fantasy / Dystopian Website • Series Listing • Amazon UK / US Rating: [/color-box] After reading and loving last year’s Black Feathers, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Book of the Crowman by Joseph D’Lacey, the concluding book in this duology. Following on from book one, Gordon Black is still in pursuit of the elusive Crowman, the figure who will supposedly give him the answers he seeks about…


REVIEW: All is Fair by Emma Newman

All is Fair by Emma Newman cover

[color-box]All is Fair by Emma Newman (The Split Worlds #3) Angry Robot Books (24 Sept 2013), Ebook: 416 pages, Urban Fantasy Website • Series Listing • Amazon UK / US Rating:  [/color-box] *Warning: May contain spoilers for previous books in the series* Carrying on after the multitude of secrets exposed at the end of book two is All is Fair, book three in The Split Worlds series by Emma Newman. With Cathy now married to Will and having discovered the truth about their household staff, she sets off on a…


REVIEW: The Big Reap by Chris F. Holm

the big reap chris f holm

[color-box]The Big Reap by Chris F. Holm (The Collector #3) Angry Robot Books (July 2013), Paperback / Ebook: 378 pages, Urban Fantasy Website • Series Listing • Amazon UK / US Rating: [/color-box] The Big Reap is the third instalment in The Collector series of urban fantasy novels. Sam is a collector charged with the task of obtaining the souls of the Brethren, a monstrous collection of one-time mages who performed a ritual chasing immortality and recently have been getting on Hell’s nerves. Sam’s handler, Lilith, sets him on his quest to destroy all nine of…


The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig (Mookie Pearl #1) Angry Robot (May 2013) Ebook, 400 Pages Urban Fantasy The Blue Blazes is an urban fantasy novel by Chuck Wendig and is set in a version of New York that has a literal Hell below it. The eponymous Blue Blazes refers to a mineral compound, cerulean, found down below that allows users to see demons and half-breeds as they really are, it also makes the user stronger and more resilient. The protagonist is Mookie Pearl, a mob enforcer and user. He…

Any Other Name by Emma Newman cover

Any Other Name by Emma Newman (The Split Worlds #2) Angry Robot (May 2013) Ebook, 400 pages Urban Fantasy *Warning: Contains spoilers for book one* At the end of my review for Between Two Thorns I said that most of the characters were harbouring secrets, and boy, was I proved right in Emma Newman’s sequel, Any Other Name. Kicking off immediately after book one, Cathy Rhoeas-Papaver is awaiting her wedding day to William Reticulata-Iris with a sense of dread, hating the old-fashioned and compressing society of the Nether. She longs…

Black Feathers

Black Feathers (Black Dawn #1) by Joseph D’Lacey Angry Robot (March 2013) Ebook, 496 pages Fantasy, Dystopian Black Feathers is a modern fantasy set in two epochs: the Black Dawn, a time of environmental apocalypse, and generations into the future in its aftermath, the Bright Day. In each era, a child undertakes a perilous journey to find a dark messiah known as The Crowman. In their hands lies the fate of the planet as they attempt to discover whether The Crowman is our saviour… or the final incarnation of evil. (Goodreads)…

Between Two Thorns

Between Two Thorns (The Split Worlds #1) by Emma Newman | Angry Robot Books (Mar 2013) Ebook, 384 pages | Urban Fantasy Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman is the first in the exciting new fantasy series, The Split Worlds. This book sets up an interesting premise of three alternate worlds which exist alongside each other but rarely interact. First, there is the world of Mundanus, or the human world, which is held apart from any sort of magic and secretly policed by Arbiters, who ensure that there is no illegal magic use. Then…


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