How Beauty Met the Beast by Jax Garren cover

How Beauty Met the Beast Nov 19th 2012, 115 pages The first book in Jax Garren’s Tales of the Underlight series kicks off with a bang, as macho alpha-male, Hauk, is in the midst of a motorcycle chase, seeking refuge in a burlesque club known as Pussy Will-Oh!. Dancing her first dance at said club is Jolie Benoit, a grad student working her way towards a doctorate. She is also the daughter of a multi-millionaire media magnate, but is determined to make a living away from the controlling hand of…

Claws Bared Sheryl Nantus

Warning: may contain spoilers for Blood of the Pride #1 Claws Bared is the second in the Blood of the Pride series. It picks up a few weeks after the first novel. Rebecca Desjardin is still dating Brandon and trying to get her head around the pride starting to interfere in her life after she was cast out. Cases have been slow and just as she is starting to get desperate a call comes in from her estranged pride directing her to another pride. They want her to investigate the…

starting from scratch

Lucy Crabtree was heartbroken last Christmas, when her husband, Lieutenant Sully Jax, told her he was planning to go on another Tour of Duty. She was devastated a few weeks later when he was injured in an IED explosion. She felt even worse when he woke from a coma, not remembering her and then asking for a divorce. A year later, Lucy is working in a bakery and rebuilding her life when Sully finally comes home again. She still loves him, and although Sully might not remember her, he knows…

Snowbound with the CEO by Shannon Stacey cover

At only 66 pages long, Snowbound with the CEO by Shannon Stacey is a brief contemporary romance with all the magic of the festive season. Adrian Blackstone is the CEO of a property renovation company, and is desperate to clinch a deal with a new client. In pursuit of the deal, he and his executive assistant, Rachel Carter, are staying at a hotel in Vermont awaiting the client’s arrival. She is the best assistant he’s ever had, paying close attention to detail in every case and always coming up with…

Naughty Nicks

In all honesty, when I started reading Naughty Nicks, I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like it. The heroine takes the hero home the night they meet, and I usually prefer a lot more interaction of another sort before characters jump into bed together. The initial sex was titillating, but there wasn’t a lot else going for the story at that point. The thing is that there just wasn’t a lot of connection between them as characters due to the lack of build-up and for that reason…


Torrie Masters wants nothing more than to captain a ship in her family’s shipping business. It took years for her to convince her family that she was ready, and what happens? On her first run, she is hit by pirates and her cargo is stolen. Rather than return home with her tail between her legs and admit defeat, Torrie takes off on an adventure, determined to get her cargo back. Qaade is the captain of the notorious Ghost Riders, a mysterious group of pirates. He has good reason to steal Torrie’s cargo,…

agamemnon frost crown of towers kim knox

Warning: may contain spoilers for Agamemnon Frost #1 and #2 Agamemnon Frost and the Crown of Towers, is the third and final instalment in this trilogy, so fair warning this review will inevitably contain spoilers for Hollow Ships and House of Death. Crown of Towers picks up almost immediately after the action of Hollow ships and the impending Martian invasion. The action is based around the final Martian push to take Earth. As converted automata, Frost and Mason are the first and best line of defence. Mason, oh Mason, I alternated…




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