Sunshine and Spaniels by Cressida McLaughlin

There are times when we read a novel, short-story or novella, and we just don’t have enough to say for a full review, so we thought it would be a good idea to write mini reviews that are, well… mini. So, here you go. If you have any questions about any of the books we review here, then just leave them in the comments and we will reply as soon as we can. The Last Hour of Gann by R. Lee Smith – Reviewed by Carolyn I found my review of this book recently….

The Piano Man Project by Kat French

A romance novel with plenty of comedic twists, The Piano Man Project by Kat French caught my attention on NetGalley with its unique approach to finding the main character a date. The novel begins in one of the most unconventional ways I’ve ever experienced, with Honeysuckle Jones and her two friends, Tash and Nell, in a sex shop discussing orgasms. Both of Honey’s friends are shocked to discover that she has never had an orgasm with a man, yet Honey claims that it has never been a problem for her…

high strung

I started the Power Station series on a recommendation. Plus, I love a bit of rock star romance. Book number one is High Strung and tells the story of man whore bassist Dan and down on her luck bartender, want to be Wall Street financial analyst Ashlyn in a very unlikely pairing. I wasn’t an immediate fan of both of the lead characters at the start. Dan is totally smug and cock sure and Ashlyn a bit of a shrieky loon. Doing really crazy things to begin with – ok she…

Best Kind of Broken - Chelsea Fine

Best Kind of Broken is the first book in the Finding Fate trilogy, by new to me author, Chelsea Fine. Chelsea has written a fair few books but it was actually by mistake that I came across this book, and I’m glad I did! This is a new adult book, which is a little different from the regular contemporary romance that this author appears to write. It’s got a lot of steamy scenes, irresistible heartbreaking romance and a lot of angst. Now I gotta be honest, this story is not…

The Cherry Tree Café by Heidi Swain

A book that combines the charm of The Great British Sewing Bee with the delights of The Great British Bake Off, I was expecting good things when I downloaded The Cherry Tree Café by Heidi Swain from NetGalley. The book begins with our protagonist, Lizzie Dixon, about to share an anniversary meal with her boyfriend, Giles. As far as she is concerned, they are the perfect match and he spoils her rotten, with her fully expecting him to propose. Instead, he lands her with the news that he is getting…

The Secret of Us by Liesel Schmidt

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I downloaded The Secret of Us by Liesel Schmidt from NetGalley, as I definitely hadn’t anticipated being pulled into such an emotional story. The book opens with Eira Larson on a date with her fiancé, Matt, at their favourite restaurant, where she is expecting them to discuss wedding plans and generally enjoy a pleasant evening in each other’s company. In no way is she prepared for what happens next, as Matt tells her that their engagement is a mistake and leaves with…

Not So New in Town by Michele Summers

Having decided to take inspiration from the recent good weather, I downloaded Not So New in Town by Michele Summers from NetGalley and dived straight in. Although this is the second in the Harmony Homecomings series, it reads a standalone title and I had no problem getting to grips with the town and its characters. We are first introduced to our heroine, Lucy Doolan, en route to her hometown of Harmony, North Carolina, following the loss of her job and her boyfriend. Forced to take time out to rebuild her…





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