Holding out for a Hero wasn’t quite what I expected after seeing the front cover, the cover kind of screams biker romance to me, which I have kind of developed a bit of a soft spot for. Also from memory I don’t think the hero rides a motorbike once in the novel. Non matching book covers are a bit of a bug bear of mine. So, anyway there is a bike in the story, in the prologue but our heroine rides into town on it for her mother’s funeral. She…


REVIEW: Rock It by Jennifer Chance


I have developed a bit of a soft spot for rock star romances lately, and Rock It looked like it would hit the spot perfectly. I mean who seriously has not at some point dreamed of their favourite rock idol sweeping them off their feet? The book itself had lots and lots of potential, but unfortunately I found that it didn’t just quite hit the mark. Which is a shame as it was one of those books that was really readable and the writing did suck me in. Our heroine…

conning for keeps

Secret Agents, Marissa Jones and Trevor Harris, have a job to do. For one week they need to play an engaged couple while trying to find a way to steal a priceless cursed painting. The biggest obstacle they face is not the mob boss they want to steal the painting from, but the attraction they feel for each other. Marissa has a unique ability to under-go deep hypnosis and become a completely different person. This is how she has climbed the ladder of TRAIT (the secret organization she and Trevor…

You're Love is all I Need - Marie Force

Your Love is all I Need is the start of a fun new contemporary romance series by Marie Force and I really loved it. Set around a beautiful small town in Vermont, it is the love story of city girl, Cameron and country hunk, Will. It starts with a bang, literally, when Cameron’s mini hits the town’s lucky charm – a moose – and carries on as it began. In fact it has all the makings of a delightful Hollywood rom com. This is not my first Marie Force novel,…

The Christmas Throwaway

The Christmas Throwaway is the story of police officer, Ben, who finds Zach sleeping in the village graveyard, cold, alone, and homeless. Being Christmas, Ben decides to take him home to his family for a bit of TLC (tender loving care). Luckily, Ben’s mum is also a compassionate person and doesn’t find this odd at all. She sets Zach up in one of her son’s bedroom (who’s now left home) and together they work to put Zach at ease, going so far as to give him gifts and allow him to…

starting from scratch

Lucy Crabtree was heartbroken last Christmas, when her husband, Lieutenant Sully Jax, told her he was planning to go on another Tour of Duty. She was devastated a few weeks later when he was injured in an IED explosion. She felt even worse when he woke from a coma, not remembering her and then asking for a divorce. A year later, Lucy is working in a bakery and rebuilding her life when Sully finally comes home again. She still loves him, and although Sully might not remember her, he knows…

Let it Snow - Heidi Cullinan

DECEMBER’S BOOK CLUB READ I had high hopes for Let it Snow. It sounded so good. Unfortunately, it was all a bit meh. I haven’t had much luck with m/m christmas themed romances this year. This is my third, and none of them have hit above the three star mark. Let it Snow isn’t particularly Christmassy, snowy yes, but festive, not so much. Which is a shame as that’s what I want and expect from a Christmas romance, and especially from a series called Minnesota Christmas. Hairdresser, Frankie is heading…




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