Raw by Jo Davis (Torn Between Two Lovers #1) TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS is a gripping and sexy romance trilogy with a unique twist: Our heroine needs your help to decide who wins her heart… RAW introduces this sizzling new series, in which two enticing men will vie for Anna’s heart – culminating in a choice that will be determined by reader vote! Anna Claire is a prominent restaurateur, the toast of New York. She’s not one to let down her guard, but her new prep chef is gorgeous enough…


The Silvered (Fantasy) The Empire has declared war on the small, were-ruled kingdom of Aydori, capturing five women of the Mage-Pack, including the wife of the were Pack-leader. With the Pack off defending the border, it falls to Mirian Maylin and Tomas Hagen—she a low-level mage, he younger brother to the Pack-leader—to save them. Together the two set out on the kidnappers’ trail, racing into the heart of enemy territory. But with every step the odds against their survival, let alone their success, grow steeper… Published by Titan Books, 8…

Sweet Revenge

Here are the three UK covers for the new historical romance series called Nemesis, Unlimited, by Zoe Archer; book #1, Sweet Revenge, book #2, Dangerous Seduction, and book #2.5, Winter’s Heat, published by Headline Eternal. I must admit, i really like these covers. I’m also looking forward to reading this series, sounds good. Here’re the summaries to all three books: When Jack Dalton escapes from Dunmoor Prison, he has only one thing in mind–finding the nobleman who murdered his sister and making him pay. But when he reaches the inn where the…

Bound by Night - Larissa Ione (UK)

Here is the awesome UK cover for Bound by Night by Larissa Ione, the first book in her new paranormal romance series Moonbound Clan, published by Piatkus. I’m reading this at the moment and so far it’s gooood. Here’s the summary: Nicole Martin was only eight years old when she narrowly survived a massacre: her family’s vampire slaves rebelled and killed everyone in her household. Twenty years later, Nicole now dedicates herself to finding a vaccine against vampirism… and eradicating the gruesome memories that give her nightmares. Riker, a member of the wild vampire…

Vampire Seeker

This is the UK cover for Vampire Seeker, the 1st book in the Samantha Carter urban fantasy series by Tim O’Rourke. I am loving this cover. As soon as I saw it on Facebook I went and downloaded the book. That’s how powerful covers are (take note people). Here’s the summary: Samantha Carter believes that a vampire is responsible for the brutal deaths of four women in Whitechapel, London, England. Each murder is identical to those committed a hundred years before by a very different serial killer. Desperate to prove…

The Lost Soul

This is the UK cover for The Lost Soul, the 3rd book in the 666 Park Avenue paranormal series by Gabriella Pierce. It’s been about for a while but I wanted to post it as I quite like it. It’s very eye-catching with the bright pink – but then I am a fan of pink… Here’s the summary: Jane Boyle has long since known that her mother-in-law is a witch, but she’d never imagined Lynne Doran was actually the embodiment of a powerful, ancient, body-snatching evil! Now that Jane and her…


Here is the UK cover for Sherrilyn Kenyon’s upcoming 23rd book in the Dark Hunter series, Styxx. Here’s the summary: Just when you thought Doomsday was over… Centuries ago Acheron saved the human race by imprisoning an ancient evil bent on absolute destruction. Now that evil has been unleashed and it is out for revenge. Misjudged, condemned, betrayed and abandoned, this is Styxx’s only chance to set the record straight. He hasn’t always been on his brother’s side but now he could prove his loyalty…if he’s willing to trade his life and…




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