Double Jeopardy by Linda Wisdom

An updated romantic suspense novel, Double Jeopardy by Linda Wisdom explores the scary nature of stalking and obsession, when a woman scorned takes things a little too far… Josh Brandon is an Assistant District Attorney in a small town outside of Los Angeles who specialises in helping women who have suffered domestic abuse or rape to rebuild their lives and prosecute those responsible. He is a popular figure around the office, having had his fair share of women and relationships, not to mention an ex-wife who still demands alimony. However,…

conning for keeps

[color-box]Conning For Keeps by Seleste DeLaney (Agents of TRAIT #2) Entangled Publishing (3 Feb 2014), Ebook: 145 Pages, Contemporary Romance Website • Goodreads • Amazon UK / US Rating:  [/color-box] Secret Agents, Marissa Jones and Trevor Harris, have a job to do. For one week they need to play an engaged couple while trying to find a way to steal a priceless cursed painting. The biggest obstacle they face is not the mob boss they want to steal the painting from, but the attraction they feel for each other. Marissa has a unique ability to under-go deep hypnosis…

santa to the rescue

[color-box]Santa to the Rescue by Adele Downs Entangled Publishing (11 Nov 2013), Ebook: 40 pages, Contemporary Romance Website • Goodreads • Amazon UK / US Rating: [/color-box] Jamey Tucker is Appleton’s newest firefighter. Almost done with his probationary period, Jamey’s looking to make a personal connection in his new town. In the supermarket, he meets Heather Longhurst, an RN in the children’s section of the local hospital, and he is immediately attracted to her. This a short story, a really short story at only 40 pages. The story moves way…

Divinely Ruined

Divinely Ruined charts the attempts of angel-in-training Rebecca to earn her wings. To do so she must stop single father Tony from committing murder and losing his soul in the process. Although Rebecca has completed her training as well as some other assignments, she is not necessarily what you would expect of an almost- angel. She was plucked from obscurity and dire circumstances by Sally, an angel who sees something in her and the mission to save Tony’s soul is what will really prove whether she has what it takes….

Hunter's Moon - Lisa Kessler

[color-box]Hunter’s Moon by Lisa Kessler (Moon #2) Entangled: Edge (21 Oct 2013), Ebook: 340 pages, Paranormal Romance Website • Series Listing • Amazon UK  / US Rating: [/color-box] Well, folks, I was happy to climb back into the well-penned pages of Lisa Kessler’s Moon series with Hunter’s Moon. As predicted, Kessler’s band of shifters have wormed their way back into my heart, forcing me to read page after page with no break, and leaving me breathless for book three, Blood Moon, which doesn’t come out until July 2014. Sigh. If you read my…

Moonlight - Lisa Kessler

[color-box]Moonlight by Lisa Kessler (Moon #1) Entangled: Edge (July 2013), Ebook: 331 pages, Paranormal Romance Website • Series Listing • Amazon US / UK Rating:  [/color-box] Let me just start by saying that Moonlight was a well-written, character-driven, thunderstorm of a book, and I absolutely loved getting lost in its well-penned pages. This book has landed itself on my favorites shelf, and I don’t see it losing its place there anytime soon. Moonlight is the first book in Lisa Kessler’s new Moon series, and it started off with a bang. And a growl….


[color-box]Tempting the Cowboy by Elizabeth Otto (Paint River Ranch #1)  Entangled: Indulgence (14 Oct 2013), Ebook: 216 pages, Cowboy Romance Website • Goodreads • Amazon UK / US Rating: [/color-box] Cole is a smoking hot cowboy with a whole lot of responsibility on his shoulders. Besides caring for his mother and running the Paint River Ranch, he also has to raise his little girl, Birdie, as a single father. He dreams of one day finding someone to complete his family, but his trust issues don’t allow him to open up to any prospects. Finding…


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