The Book of the Crowman by Joseph D'Lacey cover

After reading and loving last year’s Black Feathers, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Book of the Crowman by Joseph D’Lacey, the concluding book in this duology. Following on from book one, Gordon Black is still in pursuit of the elusive Crowman, the figure who will supposedly give him the answers he seeks about how to restore the earth to its natural glory. He has lost everyone and everything close to him, with the only objects he has left being his father’s knife and his bundle of…

The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson UK cover

*Warning: Contains spoilers for the rest of the series* After the dramatic turn of events at the end of The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson takes place a year after Vin took the power at the Well and released it into the world. In that year, Vin and Elend, the newly-titled Emperor of the Final Empire, have been investigating the discoveries of the Lord Ruler’s underground storage caches, with each one containing the location of the next. The caches are filled with enough tinned food…


Sisters Celine and Amelie Fawe learned to take care of themselves at a young age. Orphaned as children, the two developed a symbiotic relationship – Celine brings money to the household by running their late mother’s apothecary shop and pretending to reading peoples futures, while Amelie protects them with her sword. Though Celine is a fraud, she is well known for her skill as a seer. Her acting skills are a blessing at first, but eventually word spreads beyond the village, bringing unwanted attention down on the sisters. They are…

The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson UK cover

*Warning: Contains spoilers for book one* After the shocking conclusion of The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson resumes with the action in the city of Luthadel after the revolution. With the Lord Ruler vanquished, control of the city has fallen to Elend Venture, the young nobleman who has ideals of freeing the skaa workers from their poverty and establishing a semblance of equality from the former feudal system. At the opening of the novel, he is unsure about how to rule the central dominance, often relying…

Two Serpents Rise by Max Gladstone cover

A fantasy series unlike any other continues with Two Serpents Rise by Max Gladstone, the second instalment in a series that mixes Gods, magic and high-powered action scenes. Although set in the same universe as book one, this book is very much separate and I think it could be understood without prior knowledge of the series. This time around, the series focuses on Caleb Altemoc, a risk manager and gambler who lives in the city of Dresediel Lex. He works for the Red King Consolidated, a prestige company which provides…

Tempting Fate by Amalia Dillin cover

Filling in a gap in the main storyline of Forged by Fate, Tempting Fate by Amalia Dillin is a brief novella detailing how Mia and Adam came to meet and end up married. The book begins with Abby and Garrit’s wedding rehearsal, with Abby’s sister Mia setting her sights on the hot, single members of the DeLeon family. She is bored with the festivities of the wedding, believing that her sister gets everything that she wants whilst she is left with nothing. We learn that throughout her life, when Mia…


Charm is the second of Sarah Pinborough’s Fairy Tale retellings. Where Poison was her take on Snow White, Charm is an interpretation of Cinderella with Pinborough’s earthy mix of sex, feminism and subverting the expected tropes. In this version Pinborough makes Cinderella a little bit different from the norm. How many versions have there been where Cinderella is the poor put upon daughter used as a servant while the wicked stepmother favours her own daughters the ugly sisters? This interpretation turns our expectations on their head at every opportunity. At the…




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