Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

A tale of corruption and lost cities, Elantris by Brandon Sanderson was his first fantasy novel, and sets the precedent that everything that has followed. The book begins with Arelon’s Crown Prince, Raoden, having woken up and discovered that he has been marked by the Shaod. The Shaod is a mysterious disease that can afflict anyone in the city, causing them to come out in black blotches and to lose their hair. As a result, all those infected with the Shaod are thrown into the city of Elantris, a city…

The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson UK cover

Set three-hundred years after the Mistborn trilogy, The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson visits the reshaped empire of Scadrial, which has been changed by the dawn of technology, with railways and skyscrapers clouding the landscape. Amidst the town of Elendel, the magics of Allomancy and Feruchemy remain prevalent, although magic such as Kelsier, Vin and Elend’s is long since consigned to the history books. However, there are those who are twinborn, possessing one element of both Allomancy and Feruchemy, such as our protagonist, Waxillium Ladrian, who can both increase…

The Seventh Miss Hatfield by Anna Caltabiano cover

Establishing a brand new concept is never easy, but that’s part of the joy in reading The Seventh Miss Hatfield by Anna Caltabiano. I was drawn to this series precisely because of its intriguing premise, as a young girl called Cynthia encounters the mysterious Miss Rebecca Hatfield. Miss Hatfield is their newest neighbour, having just moved in across the street, and draws Cynthia to her house one day under the mistake of a parcel being delivered to the wrong house. Despite knowing she shouldn’t talk to strangers, Cynthia accepts Miss…

The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson UK cover

[color-box]The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn #3) Gollancz (Feb 2010), Paperback: 749 pages, Fantasy Website • Goodreads • Amazon UK / US RATING: [/color-box] *Warning: Contains spoilers for the rest of the series* After the dramatic turn of events at the end of The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson takes place a year after Vin took the power at the Well and released it into the world. In that year, Vin and Elend, the newly-titled Emperor of the Final Empire, have been investigating…

The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson UK cover

[color-box]The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn #2) Gollancz (Dec 2009), Paperback: 763 pages, Fantasy Website • Series Listing • Amazon UK / US Rating: [/color-box] *Warning: Contains spoilers for book one* After the shocking conclusion of The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson resumes with the action in the city of Luthadel after the revolution. With the Lord Ruler vanquished, control of the city has fallen to Elend Venture, the young nobleman who has ideals of freeing the skaa workers from their poverty and establishing a…


[color-box]From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse #8) Gollancz (May 2008), Paperback: 336 pages, Urban Fantasy Website • Series Listing • Amazon UK / US Rating: [/color-box] From Dead to Worse is book number 8 in Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series, and it’s been a while since I have visited the little town of Bon Temps. Sookie is back in all her kookiness; she’s still kind of dating Quinn, although he’s missing; she’s still living with the witch Amelia who still hasn’t been able to reverse the spell on Bob…


[color-box]Charm by Sarah Pinborough Gollancz (18 July 2013), Hardcover: 224 pages, Fantasy Website • Goodreads • Amazon UK / US Rating: [/color-box] Charm is the second of Sarah Pinborough’s Fairy Tale retellings. Where Poison was her take on Snow White, Charm is an interpretation of Cinderella with Pinborough’s earthy mix of sex, feminism and subverting the expected tropes. In this version Pinborough makes Cinderella a little bit different from the norm. How many versions have there been where Cinderella is the poor put upon daughter used as a servant while the wicked stepmother favours her…




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