The Last Honeytrap by Louise Lee

A book that focuses on the entrapment of men and the ability to see whether they would stray, The Last Honeytrap by Louise Lee is certainly a different kind of read. The book opens with a look at protagonist Florence Love’s job as a private investigator, as she focuses her attentions on a foreign diplomat. However, we soon learn that although she calls herself a private investigator, she is in fact an ‘entrapment specialist’, whereby worried wives and girlfriends will contact Flo and ask her to seduce their men, hoping…


REVIEW: Eversea by Natasha Boyd


I wanted to love this book I really did, but although I enjoyed it to a point, something just didn’t connect with me. The writing is pretty good, the characters are interesting, and the story moves along well. However, I didn’t find it overly exciting, plus I felt as though most of the book was written for someone much younger than the target audience of new adult. The characters were 22 and 26 years old and so the books should have felt more mature, but I honestly thought they read more like young adult novels. Keri…


REVIEW: The Dish by Stella Newman

The Dish by Stella Newman

A novel that carefully treads the line between secrets and lies in a relationship, The Dish by Stella Newman features the delectable world of food tasting and a sprinkle of romance. Four years ago Laura Parker discovered that her husband had been cheating on her with one of her best friends, leaving her heartbroken and lost, not to mention seeking a new a career. In a bid for escape she moved to London and began working as a secretary to Roger, the editor of magazine, The Voice, and an old…

The Life I Left Behind by Colette McBeth

In a perfect start to the New Year, The Life I Left Behind by Colette McBeth is about the journey for the truth and laying your old demons to rest in order to start anew. Melody Pieterson was attacked and left for dead six years ago, with her friend and neighbour, David Alden, being arrested for the attack. Her apparent error of judgement has left her unable to trust her own instincts, making her reclusive and fearful in her own home. She now lives with her fiancé, Sam, in a…

The Book of Life - Deborah Harkness

It has been a long wait for fans of the All Souls Trilogy but the story of Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont reaches its conclusion in The Book of Life – and I’m happy to report that this final instalment does not disappoint. Having returned from their time-walk to Elizabethan London, Diana and Matthew are reunited with their extended family but also find themselves back within reach of their enemies on the Congregation. Diana may understand more about her powers but she is still struggling to control them as well…

A Wicked Pursuit by Isabella Bradford cover

Kicking off a new historical romance series is A Wicked Pursuit by Isabella Bradford, the first in the Breconridge Brothers series. As the eldest son of a duke, Harry Fitzroy is expected to marry well and start producing heirs – sooner rather than later. He thinks he has found his match in Julia Wetherby, the most beautiful girl of the season and the ideal catch for an amorous duke. However, when he visits her at her country home intending to propose, a simple horse riding expedition turns disastrous. Harry falls…

Sea of Love by Susan Donovan cover

Beginning a new romance series set on a holiday island is Sea of Love by Susan Donovan, which introduces us to Bayberry Island and their mermaid mythology. The Flynn family have been living on Bayberry Island for generations, but recent changes to the economy have forced them to turn their fishmonger business into a B&B. This accommodation is currently run by the Flynn’s daughter, Rowan, who was duped by her investor fiancée into signing over what remained of the family’s fortune. She returned to the island in shame, running the…


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